Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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[..] Samuel took his Charge28
[..] Mr Deputy chosen one of the Stewards for next Election Feast46
Ester Thomas to be put out Apprentice64
Edwards John to be put out Apprentice146
[..] Sir James chosen one of the Stewards for most Election Feast146
Evans John Nominated a Governor173
Eyre Charles The Like174
Edmonston Charles The Like175
Elected a Governor185
Eyre Charles The Like186
Evans John The Like187
Eliz Charles took his Charge191
Evans John took his Charge205
Edmonston Charles The Like226
Eyre Charles his Benefaction of 100 reported234
Elliot John his Legacy of 100 reported298
Evans Henry his Benefaction of 50 reported302
Nominated a Governor303
Elected Governor309
took his Charge316
Esdaile James appointed a Governor340
Elston Thomas to be made free347
Evans John to be put out Apprentice347
Ester Thomas to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift353
to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift364
Eyre Robert to be put out Apprentice372
Elston Thomas to be inquired after for Mr. Locks Gift395
Edward John to be made free396
Elean Thomas to be paid 10 Lock's Gift402
Esdale James took his Charge404
Edwards John to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift413
to be paid 10 put Mr. Fowkes's Gift421

Esgive to be took and to the Hospl. and Precinct and [..] of
in great and had the Apprentices do not go out with same

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