Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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[..] James to be [..] a Patient the Bethlem Hospl.
[..] and 3 [..] ending into [..]
[..] 200 [..]

James Wm. chosen of the Stewards for next Election Feast10
James George The Like11
[..] Sir Richard [..] took his Charge20
James William Lewis one of the Stewards for next Election Feast46
[..] George Field46

James Wm. gave [..] to should [..] Earl that
the present Treasurer should [..]
be Alderman Thomas [..] of 50 a gave Salary

Ireson George Alderman chosen as of he Stewards for the
next Election Feast

James William appointed one of Six Governors to [..] operated
out the Opinion of [..] of the made [..]
[..] of the Hatford and [..] from paymt.
of Lord the

James Church [..] as a Governor170
James John Nominated a Governor174
James Marshall Elected a Governor176
James John The Like185
James Marshall took his Charge191
James John The Like209
James Tho Richd Murgeon proposed as a Governor235
Elected a Governor239
James James to be made free252
James Robert appointed a Governor273
John Sir Richard he Legacy of 120 Guinea reported 274
James Josiah Elected proposed as a Governor280
Jones Stephen to be made free286
Jeremiah James Clarke Elected Governor289
James Jane to be reported after for Fowkes Gift305
to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift50
Jahno John his Benefaction of 50 reported313
Nominated a Governor314
Elected a Governor317
took his Charge321
James Robert The Like321
John Rayne Nominated a Governor324
James [..] Clarke took his Charge324
Jones Reyne Elected a Governor326
took his Charge329
James Jonas to be inquired after for Locks Gift345
to be paid 10 Lock's Gift351
Jennings George [..] Steward for next Election Feast364
James Rix The Like389

James [..] Nominated one of the Stewards for next
Election Feast

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