Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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President or Treasurer to have a second or casting Vela at any
Election held at Court or Committee

Plaister Johnson appointed one of the Stewards for the most Election Feast11

President and Thomas to procure a Petition to be prevented to by Parliamts. for conforming the [..]
Governor of the Hospitals of St. Bartholomew Chest Bridewell & St: Thomas be Operate

President Vacancy declared42
Brass Pooly Esqr Elected45
his Benefaction of 100 reported45
Pearcy Charles to be made free71
Price Thomas to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift71
Price Thomas to be past out Apprentice72
Price Thomas To be paid 10 Mr Hawker Gift 84
To be inquired after for Lock's Gift96
to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift117
Packard Peter his Benefaction of 50 reported126
Payne John George his Benefaction of 100 reported142
Pare John his Legacy of 100 reported143
Porter's Men Vacancy declared143

Pitt The Right Honble William President to with a Court on Friday next to Elect being
a Governor

Porter's Man Wayland Philip Elected151
Pell Wm. The Right Honble Elected a Governor152
Payne John George Elected a Governor154
Pusey The Honble Philip Berwins his Benefaction of 200 reported135
proposed as a Governor155
Payne John appointed a Governor157
took his Charge164
Pusey The Hark's Philip Bourne Elected a Governor165
Parry Edward Nominated a Governor173
Parker Timothy The Like174
Pra [..] Willings Mackworth Junr The Like174
Parden John [..] 174
Parsons Jn Mack The Like175
Phipps Samuel The Like175
Plamer William The Like175
Phillips James The Lite176
Pickering Joseph The Like176
Parder John Junr . Elected a Governor184
Praced Wilson Mackworth Elected a Governor184
Phipps Samuel The Like185
Parsons Sir Mack The Like185
Plamer William The Like185
Parry Edward The Like185
Pickering Joseph The Like186
Parker Timothy The Like186
Phillips James The Like186
Plomer Sir Wm. Knt chosen Steward for next Election Feast188
Parker Beany The Like188
Parry Edward took his Charge191
Prizd William Mackworth The Like191
Phillips James The Like191
Pardo John Junr . The Like191
Parker Timothy The Like194
Parsons Sir Mark The Like198
Plumer William The Like209
Plomer William proposed as a Governor209
Elected a Governor207
took his Charge226
Phillips Thomas chosen a Steward for next Election Feast237
Page Francis The Like237
Pugh Evan proposed as a Governor243
Elected a Governor250
took his Charge254
Phipps Samuel took his Charge254
Porton's Man Vacancy Declared265
Prosting William chosen Steward for next Election Feast266
Poster's Man Thomas Underhill Elected269
Pavell William proposed as a Governor273
Elected a Governor279
took his charge289
Pickell William Aldn . his Benefaction of 100 reported298
Pill Cecil his Benefaction of 50 reported298
Pickett Wm. Aldn . Chosen Steward for next Election Feast300
Pill Cecil Elected Governor302

Pugat John his Benefaction of 50 reported302
Nominated as a Governor303
Pitt Cord took his Charge309
Pugel John Elected Governor309
took his Charge316
Precinct Robert his Benefaction of 50 reported323
Nominated a Governor324
Elected a Governor326
took his Charge329
Price Meredith his Benefaction of 50 reported339
Nominated a Governor340
Paxton Archibald The Like340
Pope Peter appointed a Governor340
Price Meredith Elected a Governor344
Paxter Archibald The Like344
Price Thomas to be made free347
Payten Archibald took his Charge348
Price Thomas to be enquired after for Fowkes Gift353
Pastley William appointed a Governor361
Pope Peter his Benefaction of 50 reported363
Pitt Tho Rt Honble Wm Chosen Squared for next Election Ford364
Price Thomas to be paid 10 Mr [..] Gift364
Palmer Tyles Nominated a Governor371
Price [..] took his Charge376
Pope Peter took his Charge376
Rice Thomas to be inquired after for a Lock's Gift377
to be paid 10 Mr Lock's Gift380
Packer John Elected a Governor385
Palmer Edward Joseph to be paid out Apprentice389

Robert William Alderman gave Notice that be should more at the
next General Court next a Committee be appointed to examine into
The Stole of the Founds of these Hospitals

Price Thomas to be made free403
Physician Vacancy declared405
his Duly Salary and Penquin [..] reported411
Thomas Monro Elected411
Pill William Morter his Benefaction of 50 reported421
Nominated a Governor421
Elected a Governor423
Pooly William his Legacy of 100 reported424
Price Thomas to be paid 10 part of Mr Fowkes Gift445

[..] and Pinder upon the Pint Vacancy to be inserted in one as a [..]
with a Salary of 200 a year and afterwards

President to be chief Ruler Etc next to be Lord Mayor450

not to suffer any Motives to be with for landing Rules Etc453
or Chairman to have a double [..] in [..] one of Equality of this
at Courts or Committee Etc

his Duly458
Physician his Duty460
Porter of Bridewell This Duly464
Porter of Bethlem This Duly473
President Thanks of the Court given him476

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