Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Billingsley Edward proposed as a Governor9
Ba [..] Matthew to be part out Apprentice9
Bro [..] Thomas took his Charge10
Becknock Abraham chosen one of the Stewards for next Election Feast11
Bill James & Nominated a Governor11
Brown Robert to be made free12
Bull James took his Charge13
Billingsley Edward Elected a Governor13
Basford James to be put out Apprentice14

Bethlem Hospital Steward White Henry 50 given him as a
Gratuity for faithful Lord in to his Office

Barnes William to be put out Apprentice22
Bampess John to be put out Apprentice25
Bate Henry to be made free41
Billingsley Edward took his Charge42
Bolders Henry appointed a Governor64

Bethlem Hospital Howard Henry White at 50 given him as a
Gratuity for faithful attention to the Duties of this Office

Bridewell Precinct Inhabitants Apartment behavior them and
his Inhabitants of Said Ann Blackfryers respecting Boundary

And a Plan respecting same81

Bowen Cha Richd. Mr his Historical account of the Origin
progress and present state of Bethlem Hospital

Court Thanked him for the same115

Bethlem Hospital Steward Henry White 50 given him as
a Grading

Bethlem Hospital Apothecary John Gogin 20 to be
paid his as a Gratuity

Bowen The Richd. Mr. His Historical account of the
Origin and Progress of Bethlem Hospital reported

Bowen The Richd Mr. proposed as a Governor127
Elected a Governor129
Box Henry to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift130
Briggs William to be put out Apprentice131
Beadle Vacancy declared143
Bargess Yup proposed as a Governor143
Boldwyn Richard The Like143
Beck [..] King The Like143
Box King to be paid 10 Mr. Fowke's Gift146
Batten Richard to be put out Apprentice146
B [..] The Ricd Mr. took his charge148
Bugass Young Elected a Governor148
Butcher Richard The Like148
Bew [..] Henry The Like148
took his Charge152
his Benefaction of 100 reported152
Baldwyn Richard took his Charge152
his Benefaction of 50 reported152
Burgass Yage took his Charge154
his Benefaction of 50 reported155

Bethlem Hospital Grand Committee this report necessary he admission
of 10 addional Incurable Petition

Bucks Sir Joseph appointed a Governor157
Bethlem Hospl. Steward Henry White 50 given him an Gratity165
John George Apothecary 20 for he like165
Blackford Thomas proposed as a Governor170
Beck Charletta the his Legacy of 100 reported171
Bechin Edward R [..] inated a Governor173
Brandram Samuel The Like173
Bishop Nathaniel Junr .. The Like173
Barfest Richard The Like173
Bridges John The Like174
Burnall Thomas The Like174
Baming Francis The Like174
Bromfield Jones The Like174
Buckman Joseph The Like175
Brassbridge Joseph The Like175
Browne Benwell The Like175
Bowy Thomas Crawley The Like176
Blackford Thomas Elected a Governor176
Bochin Edward The Like184
Brandram Samuel The Like184
Bewey Thomas Crawley The Like184
Bromfield James The Like185
Bishop Nathaniel The Like185
Bennett Thomas The Like185
Busknon Joseph The Like186
Browne Barwell The Like186

Bridges John The Like186
Brassbridge Joseph The Like186
Baring Francis The Like186
Burfost Richard The Like187
Bridewell Thomas Sworn Steward for next Election Feast188
Bircksworth Hosphilas The Like188
Bridges John took his Charge191
Buskam Joseph The Like191
Bechin Edward his Benefaction of 50 reported192
Brandwyn Carnal took his Charge194
Burgess HorneTheproposed as a Governor197
Bevan Henry Morgan to be put out Apprentice197
Burgess Hugh Elected a Governor198
Bethlem Hospital Steward Vacancy declared206
Brassbridge Joseph took his Charge209
Burgess Hugh The Like209
Blackford Thomas The Like209
Bromfield James took his Charge209
Blackford Thomas his Benefaction of 50 reported210

Bethlem Hospital Steward, Report of Grand Committee relative to [..] his
Duty Salary and Requisites

Bridewell Hospital all Elections in future Notice to be printed in the

Bethlem Hospital Steward Peter Alavaine Elected214
Bridewell Hospital regulations relating to Elections postponed217
Bushnan Joseph 50 Benefaction of 50 reported219
Bethlem Hospital Steward Peter Alasomer his Securities approved of 217

Henry White late Steward 50 to be paid to
his Widow a Gratuity annually granted to
her Husband

Bethlem Hospital Apothecary John Gozua 20 to be paid him as a Gratuity
and 20 Guineas to be paid him for Officiating as Steward during the last Vacancy

Beadles to be paid 5 Gs each annually as a Christmas Box221
Bevan Charles to be put out Apprentice222
Bridewell Hospital respecting all Elections in future Order of 27th. 1779 recovered224

Ballot mall Elections to contain open One Hour at least or so long after as
Mr. President shall think fit

Bethlem Hospital Apothecary their Gozua his Salary in false to be 100
P Annum

Brown Barwell took his Charge226
Bucksworth Thomas proposed as a Governor235
Bouring Josiah to be inquired after for Fowkes's Gift236
Bishop Nathaniel took his Charge239
Buckworth Thomas Elected a Governor239
Baring Francis his Benefaction of 50 reported240
Bosworth Samuel The Like240
Bayne Daniel The Like240
Bell Philip his Legacy of 100 reported243
Bowing Josiah to be paid 10 Fowkes's Gift244
Buckworth Thomas took his Charge254
Burton Robert proposed as a Governor255
Elected a Governor264
Beadle Vacancy declared265
Morrall Richd to be 2d Beadle265
Weaver Richd to be 3d Beadle265
Wagland Philip to be 4th Beadle265

Barnell John Alderman chosen Steward for next Election Feast266
Beaufort His Grace The Duke of The Like266
Bowdler Thomas The Like266
Birch John The Like266
Birch George The Like266
Brewer Mr. Deputy Richard his Benefaction of 50 reported268
proposed as a Governor268
Elected a Governor272
Bethlem Hospital Dr. Thos. Morris appointed Assistant Chapman272
Brewer Mr Deputy Richard took his Charge279
Baker John Lewis appointed a Governor280

Bethlem Hospital Governors their Petition to the Lord Mayor
Alderman and Common Council approved of and Ordered to be
fairly T [..] nbed and said presented to the Common Council

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