Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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5th Decemr. 1718

five Shillings P die in was ordered to the Beadles and Porters Man for their
extraordinary attendance at the Gate on holy days to keep the apprentice [..]
the hospital That notwithstanding all this Care he also had heard That
the said Boys had Comitted Outrages and Disorders on the 5th. of Novemr
Last at night Whereupon the said Boys were called in and examined
and also peter pickering< no role > porter James Male< no role > Junr. William Brandlyn< no role >
Thomas Atkins< no role > Beadles and John Stanford< no role > Portersman of ye said
hospital and also Isaac Cox< no role > William Bennett< no role > Emanuel Mathews< no role >
John Hill< no role > William Lum< no role > William Stewart< no role > and John Snow< no role > who being
all Swarne and examined It appeared that the said Boys Blew up ye
Locks of ye Gates and So go out But none of the Said Witnesses were
able to Charge any of them particularly with the said Outrages and
disorders The said Artsmasters were also called in and examined and
Reprimanded for not keeping their apprentices in their Several appartmts
as by ye said Orders of the house they were directed to do And this Court
recomended it to to said Artamasters to make Strict Inquiry of their
Several apprentices and to find out the most notorious of the
offenders against the next Court and also to Consider of proper meanes
to prevent the like for the future and further Recomended it to Mr
Treasr. and Mr Joseph Taylor< no role > Clerk of the said hospital (here present)
to examine into this affair against the next Court at which tune
this Court will reassume the Consideration thereof.

Ward Mayor

Martis xxv s: die Novembr 1718 Annoq
R. Rs Georgy Magn Britan Etc Quito

Ex & Kal.

This Court Resumeing the Consideration of the adjourned affair relating
to the apprentices at Bridewell and takeing into Consideration the good
Orders already made by the president and Governor of the said hospital
for the Restraining and keeping in the said apprentices & regulating ye
discipline which the artsmars. ought to keep over them and upon reading
a Report from a Comittee of ye said Governors which was presented in
these wordsBridewell hospital Lando. Ssat a Comee fryday
14th Novemr. 1718(and So Recctes the Report)
Doth Recomend it to the said president and Governors to examine

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