Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 416 of 5589th June 1719

10th. Aprill 1719

day of June next at the yearly rent of 30. clear of all Toxes
payable quarterly with Such Covenants as are usually contained
in the Leases from the Governor . of these hospitals to their Tenants
and will pay the Same of 230 for a fyne but he to have ye benefitt
of Mr Bridals Covenant in the said former Lease to leave ye said
premisses in repair at the expiration of the Term the by deceased
And this Comee are of Opinion that a Lease be made to him of ye sd
premisses accordingly upon which he gave a Guinea to the poor Box
all which is nevertheless Submitted to the Judgment of ye Court This
Court having duly weighed and considered ye Same doth Confirm
the said Report and Order that a Lease be made to the said
Mr. D'Blossier Tovey accordingly.

Shod. of Brid: Acton to have
a Counting ho. brill on his Garden}

Upon reading a Report from the Comee of this house under the
hands of John Tayler< no role > Esqr . Treasr Mr William Lee< no role > Mr Christopher
< no role > Mr. Depty. Execett & Mr John Elderton< no role > bearing date the
Seventeenth day of February Last as followeth vizt.This Comee
upon application of ye Steward of this hospital haveing viewed the
place Where he keeps his Books and papers find ye Same is too little
and not fitt for the purpose and there is no other concerning within his
appartment but that tis necessary he should have a Counting house
which may be made in his Garden over a Shed there adjoyning to ye
house, where two Sides are already Brickt, and Smiyth ye Brick layer
having viewed it has given in an estimate of ye Charge amounting
to Forty nine pounds Nineteen Shillings and Six penceand it is
Ordered that this be Reported to ye next Court for their direction thereinThis
Court having weighed and considered ye Same doth Order that a
Counting house be made for ye Steward in ye place menconed in ye
said Report

Tell Elizabeth< no role > to have
a Lease of a house
at Wapping wch. was orderd
to her husband (late Selwyns)

Roe fo. 133. ye
former order}

Ex. & Kal.

Upon reading ye humble petition of Elizabeth Tell< no role > widdow Rehitand
Executive of ye last Will & Testament of her late husband John Tell< no role > deced
Setting forth That at a Court holden at this hospital ye thirteenth day of
May 1715It was Ordered that a Lease Should be made to ye sd John
Tell of a house in Wapping late Selwyns with ye passage as it is under [..]
house (formerly Browns) but to leave out ye liberty of ye passage on ye Westside
of ye house adjoyuing which was reserved to ye Tenant in ye former Lease at
ye Rent of five pounds P Annum & to pay 50 for a fyne and that her sd husband
dyed before Such Lease was made haveing made his last Will & ye petrs. Sole
Executive who hath proved ye Same & paid ye sd fyne of 50. and praying
that ye sd Lease may be now made to her The same is Ordered accordingly.

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