Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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16th. Janry 1718/9

by him for which he is to be allowed halfe a years Rent And
the Governor are at their Charge to empty the water out of ye
Cellar and make good the foundation of waiting Upon which
he gave five Shillings to the poore BoxThis Court doth
confirme the said Report and Order that a Lease be made to
him according.

Henshaw Geo< no role > . to have a Lease
of a [..] Bride precinct late
Godmans No. 25}
No. (25)

Upon reading a Report of the Comee of this house under the
hands of John Tayler< no role > Esqr . Treasr . Mr Depty. John Everett< no role > Mr
John Elderton< no role > & John Martyn< no role > Esqr . bearing date the Seventeenth
day of Decemr. Last in the words following vizt.George
< no role > Druggist at the Kings Arms in Fleetstreet proposed to take
a Lease with such Covenants as are usually contained in the
hospital Lease of the Wharfe and two Small Tenements in the
precinct (late in the occupation of Godman) for Twenty one years to
Comence from Lady day next at the rent of Twenty pounds P Annu
and to give fifty Guineas for ye Fyne and to put ye said Wharfe
into good repair and to pull down ye two Tenements and build Stabler &
Warehouses in ye room of them according to ye Draught now given in
upon which he gave halfe a Guinea to ye poor BoxThis Court doth
confirm the said Report and Order that a Lease be made to him

BoulterJno< no role > . pet for Charily
ref to Comee}

Upon Reading the humble Petition of John Boulter< no role > Setting forth
That when he distributed the printed papers he had not any thoughts of
Incurring ye Governors displeasure but as he was persevaded by the Author
of ye said paper that it would be an Information to Some Governors who were
unacqunited with ye Estate of ye hospital and he might thereby do himselfe
a Service being in necessity and like a Drowning man was ready to lay
hold of any thing that might save him from perishingand that when
ye Governors. pleased to give leave he was ready to acquaint them wth
the answer he received from ye Author concerning ye truth of ye said
printed paper And begging ye Govrs. pardon and Praying that his
Case night be taken into Consideration according to an Order of ye last
CourtIt is Ordered That it be Referred to ye Comee of this
house to Consider of ye said petition and to Report their Opinion thereon
to this Court.

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