Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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5th Decemr. 1718.

Apprentices haveing been
disorderly on ye 5th. Novr. 1718 &
complaint being made to ye Court
of Aldn ye matter is Several Orders of
ye Governor s abot. ye artsmar s. &
appr. & Ordr. of ye Court of Aldn
Ref to ye Comee of ye house}

artsmar sSeveral orders
concerning then}

A Report was read from the Comee of this house under the
hands & John Tayler< no role > Esqr . Trear John Roydhouse< no role > Esqr . John Martyn< no role > Esqr .
Col George Meddott< no role > Mr Christr. Bateman< no role > Mr Wm Lee< no role > John Cottle< no role > Esqr .
Mr Depty . Jno. Everett< no role > Mr Cha: Lloyd< no role > and Mr Saml. Stanton< no role > bearing date
the 14th day of Novr. last as fellowes viztMr. Trear Tayler
acquainted this Comee That The Rt. honble. The Lord Mayor haveing
been informed that several of the apprentices in this hospital had
broke out in the 5th of this Instant in the Evening and occasioned great
disorders and Tumunts in the Streets had ordered ye Said apprentice and all
the Artsmasters to attend his Lordship and ye said Artsmasters & apprentices
& several persons who appeared there agt the apprentices to give an
account of their behavior that night and also upon reading an abstract of
Several Orders that had been made by ye Governor . of this hospital at
Several Courts holden Since ye year 1710. his Lordship and the Court
Seemed Satisfyed that ye Governor . had done all that was possible for
the good Governmt. of the apprentices and to regulate the discipline
which the Artsmasters ought to have kept over em and that in all
probability no disorders of this kind had happened if the Artsmasters
had not been mainfestly wanting in their DutyAnd that his
Lordship had Ordered the Artsmasters to make ye most diligent Inquiry
to find out who were ye promoters and ring leaders of the said late disturbans
and to meet together and consult what was proper for them to do on their
part towards preventing the like Enoimities for the futureAnd
had also recomended it to the Treasurer to examine into ye matter
then complained of and to consider upon this occasion what further night
be done to keep the artsmar s and apprentices under due obedience to ye
Orders of the Governor which as ye reason of calling this ComeeThen
the artsmar were called and delivered in a Representation which they had
agreed on at a meeting among themselves which was read to ye following
effect vizt.

Ex & Hal.

That ye Governor . had Ordered That the apprentices Should be kept to work on all
"holy days wherein there was likely to be Mobbs in the Streets and that in Lien
"thereof their Masters Should allow 'em a play day ye next day; That ye
apprentices are not contented [..] but make 'em both play days to then
Masters prejudiceTherefore the artsmasters think that if the Boys
were allowed no other holydays than what are contained in a List

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