Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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5th Decemr. 1718

Subscribed (which are ye usual play days for the apprentices in this City) it
would in Some measure put a Stopp to these disorders.


That as the apprentices after Slip out when their Masters are abroad
Therefore when any of the Boys be Seen playing about the hospital
or in the Streets especially on publick days if the Beadle's were to carry em' home
their Masters will correct em' and it would be a meanes to care these Evils.

That upon ye Masters Complaints The apprentices are frequently comittee
to ye hempblocks for then punishment and the Masters have lately found
that they are Supplyed by ye rest of the apprentices with food and money So a [..]
to make it rather a pleasure to em' than a punishment and the Masters
only Loose their work for that time And Whereas the Governor . at a Court
27th. July 1716. Ordered That whose ever of the Boys Should at any time
be found in a Riot or Tumult Should be Stript corrected & turned out of the


houseThe Masters think that if upon their Complaints agt their
apprentices they were to be whipt in Court before ye Governours and the
rest of the Boys and Sent home agen to their Masters it would have
a better effect


And humbly desire Such Orders as Shall be made hereupon Should be
hung in all ye Masters workshops.

That upon Inquiring after the Ring leaders of the late disturbance on
the 5th Instant they are informedThat James Rainsford< no role > took ye Gun powder
from under the Gate & that William fly< no role > his fellow apprentice held ye Candle
to fill ye Lock and that Jonathan Trevisa< no role > lighted a paper at ye Candle &
touched ye powder with it which not breaking ye Lock, fly or Ramsford
beat it a sunder with a peice of Iron

ex & Kal.

Then Jonathan Trevisa< no role > was called in who frankly and ingeniously told
the Comittee That on the 5th instant between 8 & 9 in the evening three
half penny worth of Gun powder was taken in at ye Side of ye little Gate
of this hospital (where there is room for a man's hand) and was put into a
padlock and fired by James Rainsford< no role > and did not Splitt ye Lock and
afterwards three half penny worth more of powder was taken in the Same
was which Wm. fyl into ye Lock and propt it up that the powder
might of Scalter & he haveing a Candle in his hand Treaser lighted
a peice of paper by it and Sett fire to the powder ut that not blowing ye
Lock a sunder Rainsford forced it upon with a peice of Iron and the Boys
imediately ran out togetherThat he door not know who Sent

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