Register of Pauper Settlement and Bastardy Examinations (RD)

A page from St Clement Danes' Register detailing records entered in October 1704 Westminster Archives Centre, St Clement Danes, Register for Passes and Certificates, 1703-07, Ms B1207, LL ref: WCCDRD366000093.

The Register

For a few years in the early eighteenth century (1703-1707), the parish of St Clement Danes maintained an alphabetically indexed register of settlement and bastardy examinations. The texts of the examinations reproduced in this register take the form of a legal examination as described under Pauper Examinations (EP), but because they are unsigned copies - with the signature of neither the Justice of the Peace who conducted the examination nor the pauper being examined, these copies had no legal standing. They were created as an administrative convenience. To this extent they are distinct from the other examinations reproduced on this site.

For a guide to the content of these types of examinations see Pauper Examinations (EP).

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Online Resources

For further reading on this subject see the London Lives Bibliography.

Documents Included on this Website

  • St Clement Danes, Register for Passes and Certificates, 1703-07, Westminster Archives Centre, Ms. B1207, LL ref: WCCDRD36600, Tagging Level: C