Additional Datasets

In addition to the sources fully digitised for the London Lives project, this website also includes a range of databases created for other projects. Each of these Additional Datasets, created over a 30 year period, was designed with a specific project in mind. As explained in our webpages, these databases are in different formats, and use different conventions and forms of coding. The copyright in this material remains with the original projects.

Many of the databases consist of parish and taxation records, but there are also databases of wills, apprenticed boys, fire insurance policies, clerk's salaries, an urban directory, and the Old Bailey associated records.

A noticeboard with a range of pamphlets, newspapers, and writing instruments on a black background, held in place with red leather cross strapping Edward Collier, trompe l'oeil, c.1699. Wikimedia Commons. The original of this artwork is held by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Parish Records

Records from Taxation

Other Sources


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For further reading on this subject see the London Lives Bibliography.