Lists of Governor Takers-In of Patients to St Thomas's (LT)

A page from St Thomas's Hospital lists of governors takers-in London Metropolitan Archives, St Thomas's Hospital, List of Governors' Takers-in, 1690-1765, H01/ST/A/62/001, LL ref: LMTHLT551010203.


The governors' takers-in of St Thomas' Hospital met weekly to deal with admissions to the hospital. The panel of takers-in included a surgeon and physician and representative governors. This volume records the names of the governors selected to serve on a monthly rotating basis; some individuals might undertake this duty a number of times over several years.

Layout and Content

The names of the twelve takers-in selected for each quarter are listed on each page, with the date of their selection and period of appointment. For most of the volume, the names are divided into groups of four for each month, but towards the end of the volume this practice ceases. Sometimes further information is added, such as notes that a taker-in died or did not appear. Early in the volume it is also regularly noted that certain of the takers-in are to inspect the hospital's drugs; this information disappears before 1700.

A view of the courtyard at St Thomas's Hospital with ten figures Old St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark: The Entrance Courtyard. Eighteenth century. Wellcome Library ICV No 14043. © The Wellcome Library, London.

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  • St Thomas's Hospital, List of Governor's Takers-in, 1690-1765, London Metropolitan Archives, Ms. H01/ST/A/62/001, LL ref: LMTHLT55101, Tagging Level: B