St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 6 of 19728th July 1784

the Lease of his House in Honey lane to Mr. C
John Gray
< no role > of Old Broad Street Cheesemonger .

Mr. Benjn. Chambers< no role >
appointed Agent .

We have appointed Mr. Benjamin
< no role > sole Agent for the Derbyshire
Estate in the room of Mr. Heywood deceased
at a Salary of one Shilling in the pound
upon the gross rents instead of his present
Salary of 25 Guineas P Annum.

50 Guineas to the

We have allowed Mr. Cromwell. the Clerk of
the Hospital 50 Guineas as an acknowledgement
for his extraordinary trouble in the late question
between the City and the Royal Hospitals and
in compleating the Court Rolls of the Hospital
Manors and putting in order the Title deeds
of the different estates and other Papers and
Writings belonging to the Hospital.

Surgeons' Dressers

Certain inconveniencies appearing to us to
have a risen from the resolution of the Committee
of the 15th. of January 1783 respecting the
number of dressers to be taken by the Surgeons
before they take Apprentices.

resolution of Committee
to them varied.

We have resolved that the above
resolution be varied so that each Surgeon
be at liberty in future to take three Dressers
instead of two Dressers before they are to be
obliged to take an Apprentice.

The Houses of the Treasurer Steward

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