St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 11 of 19715th December 1784

Death of Mr.
Thomas Smith< no role >
Surgeon .

The President then acquainted the Court that
the immediate occasion of calling the same was to
choose a Surgeon in the room of Mr. Thomas.
< no role > deceased .

Whereupon the Court proceeded to such
choice and the Petitions of Mr. Dickins Buckle< no role > .
Mr. Henry Cline< no role > Mr. Thompson Forster< no role > Mr. Geo.
< no role > Mr. Jno. Willm. Smith< no role > and Mr. John
< no role > were then severally read Praying to
be elected Surgeon to this Hospital after which
different Governors acquainted the Court that
they had authority from Mr. Buckle Mr.
Forster Mr. Massie Mr. Smith and Mr.
Whitfield to with draw their Petitions they
being unwilling to trouble the Court with
Balloting for them at this time. in hope of
their favor on a future occasion.

Mr. Cline chosen
Surgeon .

Whereupon their Petitions were
with drawn accordingly and Mr. Cline being
then the only Candidate was unanimously
chosen Surgeon of this Hospital during the
pleasure of this Court and he was called
in and acquainted with his Election.

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