St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 26 of 19725th July 1787

his Petition being unwilling to trouble the Court
with ballotting for him.

Mr Savery chosen

Whereupon his Petition was withdrawn
accordingly and Mr. Savery being then the
only Candidate was unanimously chosen
Hospitaller during the pleasure of this Court
and he was called in and acquainted with his

St. Thomas's

At the Annual General Court
held at the said Hospital on
Wednesday the 25th. day of July
1787 in the presence of Nathaniel
< no role > Esq. . Alderman and
President Edward Jeffries< no role > Esq. .
Treasurer .

Alderman :

Saml. Swain< no role > Esq. .Henry Keene< no role > Esq. .
Alexn. Aubert< no role > Esq. .Revd. Dr. Mayo
Daniel Bayne< no role > Esq. .Joseph Paice< no role > Esq. .
Saml. Brandram< no role > Esq. .Giles Rooke< no role > Esq. .
John Cranke< no role > Esq. .Peter Stapel< no role > Esq. .
Mr. Jacob Hagen< no role > Mattw. Tow good< no role > Esq. .
Benjn. Harrison< no role > Esq. .Mr. Willm. Viner< no role >
Joseph Hodgkin< no role > Esq. .Saml. Waterman< no role > Esq. .
George Jeffery< no role > Esq. .John Warren< no role > Esq. .

The Minutes of the last Annual General
Court held the 26th. day of July 1784 were read
and approved.

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