St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 7 of 19728th July 1784

Surcharge upon
Officer houses
submitted to.

Receiver Apothecary Chaplain and Matron
having been charged by way of Surcharge with
the duty granted on all inhabited houses by the
Acts of the 18th. & 19th. of his Present Majesty
from which charge the Clerk on behalf of the
Hospital had appealed to the Commissioners
who had affirmed the rate upon Which the
Clerk had demanded a Case to be stated for the
opinion of the Judges.But upon full
consideration of the case and being informed that the
other Royal Hospitals had submitted to the duty
we determined it to be proper the Hospital
should submit thereto.

Thanks given to
Mr. Henry Keene< no role >
for Iron gates.

We have given our thanks to Mr. Henry
< no role > one of the Governors of this Hospital
for his Present of Iron Gates to the Passage
from the second Quadrangle of the Hospital to
St. Thomas's Street.

Mr. Birch to be at
liberty to take Mr.
Martin's Apprentice
for the remainder
of his term.

We have determined that Mr. Birch who
has been elected Surgeon of this Hospital in the
room of Mr. Martin be at liberty to take Mr.
Gostling late Mr. Martin'sApprentice for the
remainder of his Apprenticeship and his allowance
of Dressers notwithstanding to be the same as
the other Surgeons Mr. Brick having agreed to
take Mr. Gostling without fee.

40. to the apothecary.

We have ordered Mr. Whitfield the

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