St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 5 of 19728th July 1784

in Black and White Court in the Old Bailey Part
of the Premises late in Lease to Thomas Bishop< no role > (of
who the Hospital has purchased the same) for 31
years from Christmas last at a rent of 30. P Annm.
clear of the Landtax and all other taxes. Mr.
Bradley to expend 300. in repairs 100. immediately
and 200. within seven years to the Surveyors
approbation and to insure the Premises at 1000..

To Mr. John Lucas< no role > .

To Mr. John Lucas< no role > of a House in the Old
Change (formerly three houses one in front and the
other two in a Court called Gingerbread Court
late in Lease to Mr. Thomas Sea good expiring at
Michaelmas next for a term of 31 years from that
time at a rent of 12.. P Annm: clear of the Landtax
and all other taxes and deductions Mr. Lucas to
expend 160: at least in repairs within the first
two years and to insure the Premises at 350..

Licence to Dr.
John Rawlinson< no role > .

We have granted a Licence to Dr. John
< no role > Tenant under a Lease from the
Hospital of divers parcels of land with a Messuage
called the Bowling Green house at Hackney
to let the same to Mr. Thomas Braidwood< no role > of
Hackney for such part of Dr: Rawlinson's
remaining term therein as he shall think proper Dr.
Rawlinson continuing Tenant to the Hospital.

Licence to Messs.
Hunt & Guilt.

Also a Licence to Gravely Hurst< no role > and William
< no role > Tenants of a House in Cheapside under a
Lease at a rent of 80.. to assign their Lease to
Richard Blayney< no role > and James Smith< no role > of Cheapside

Licence to Mr. Davis.

Also a Licence to Mr. Davis to assign

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