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28th July 1779 - 30th July 1800

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Image 117 of 22026th June 1788

Grand Committee
Wednesday the 30th July 1788.

Mr. President Mr. Paice
Mr. TreasurerMr. Waterman
Mr. HarrisonMr. Wilson
Mr. ThorntonMr. Streatfeild
Mr. DarellMr. Barclay

The President declining to take the Chair and Treasurer
took the same

The Minutes of the last Grand Committee held the 26th.
June last were read and confirmed

The Report of the proceedings of the Grand Committee since the last Annual General
Court was laid before the Committee and read and being approved
was signed by the Gentlemen of the Committee now

[..] of Mr.
Treasurer for new
Drain & [..]

The Treasurer laid before the Committee a proposal of Mr.
Freeman the Hospital Agent for making a New drain &
[..] from the Hospital Estate at Alsethley into the Thames
much ch [..] and less expensive than the present


That the proposed alteration is approved and the Treasurer
is desired to direct Mr. Freeman to carry the same into

Green Staves Ordered
To Charles Alexander Cricket< no role > Esqr . of Soho Square
George Norman< no role > Esqr . of Bromley Common Kent }
by Mr. Treasurer

Exd. [..]

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