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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 4 of 1842nd February 1780

Mr. Freeman.

The Rents of the Hospital Estates under your bare
not having been collected regularly. some being more in an
Arrear than these shr: his, to prevent this you. lately had a
Power of Attr: giving you full Authority to demand & receive
all the Rents that are due. and in general to Superintend &
manage the said Estates, these are to request that you will
in consequence demand and Remit to the Hospital all
Appears of Rent. We md. not he to rigid, but we do expect
that the Rents due at Laday he recd: at [..] about Michs.
& the other Quarters in proportion, Your. Attention herein
mill oblige.


August 23. 1781.


I understand that you re [..] a field
called Quakers field belonging to Sr. Thomas's Hospitals
you are hereby warned to quit the same or else to make
a fresh. Ap [..] ment with the Hospital & whatever
Rent may hereafter be agreed on, is to be considered
as payable to the Hospital from this Midsumer


Mr. Herney
Upper Clapton
June 21st. 1781.

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