Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

July 1757

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said Book, which being done such Orders
should be crossed upon the Face of them
with Red Ink, as a Sign of their being ex-
amined and allowed.

That the Clerk of the Peace should
in December Sessions next, on the first Day
of such Session present to this Court all
such Duplicates of Passes and Examinations
of Vagrants as shall be returned to Sessions
between October Sessions 1758, and October
Sessions 1759, by the respective Magistrates
in Pursuance of the said Statute of the 17th
of the King, in Order to their being checked
for Rewards.

And that the same Method might be
continued from Year to Year until the Court
should otherwise order and direct.

All which your Committee submit to the
Judgment of the Court,

G. Colebrooke.
Merry Teshmaker< no role > ,Js. Jalabert< no role > ,
P. Mombray,Piggott Jnce< no role > ,
Geo. Errington< no role > Thomas Jervis< no role > ,
Saunders Welch< no role > ,Barth. Hammond< no role > ,
Charles Palmer< no role > ,Willm. Timbrell< no role > ,
George Greene< no role > ,Edm. Byron< no role > .


Middlesex : At the General Sessions of the
Peace holden for our Sovereign Lord the
King, at Hick's Hall , in Saint John-Street ,
in and for the said County by Adjournment
on Thursday the first Day of March, in the
thirty-second Year of the Reign of our So-
vereign Lord George the Second, now King
of Great Britain Etc. before Thomas Lane< no role > ,
George Errington< no role > , George Greene< no role > , Bartholomew
< no role > , George Garrett< no role > , Christopher Scott< no role > ,
William Taylor< no role > , Paul Mombray< no role > , Charles
< no role > , Stephen Clarke< no role > , Merry Teshmaker< no role > ,
Theodore Sydenham< no role > , Thomas Jervis< no role > , Richard
< no role > , Philip Dyot< no role > , Bolton Mainwaring< no role > ,
Saunders Welch< no role > , Walter Berry< no role > , John Crosse< no role > ,
Ralph Hodgson< no role > This name instance is in set 3684. , and others their Fellow
Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned
to keep the Peace in the said County, and
also to hear and determine divers Felonies,
Trespasses and other Misdeeds committed
in the same County.

Now upon Reading and duly considering
the Report of the Committee appointed to
examine and report what Benefit hath arisen
to this County from an Order of Sessions
dated the 14th of July, 1757, relating to
the apprehending and conveying Vaga-
bonds, Etc.

This Court are of Opinion, that the said
Order of Session hath been productive of
C great

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