Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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great Benefit to this County in the following
Instances, viz.

By lessening the Expence of this
County on the Article of Vagabonds up-
wards of 350. the Year the said Order took
Place, compared with the preceeding Year;
and if the whole Magistracy of this County
had conformed themselves to the said Order,
the Expence then would have been lessened
full 500 Pounds.

By the Cautions given in the said Order
of Sessions respecting Frugality in disposing
of the Publick Money paid to the Appre-
henders of Vagabonds that Article decreased
upwards of 178. the last Year compared
with the preceeding one.

By putting the effectual Stop to the grant-
ing Vagrant Passes to the casual Poor, where
no Act of Vagrancy had been committed,
or otherwise the Orders of conveying are
thereby lessened upwards of 700. compared
with the Year preceeding.

By producing more regular Proceed-
ings upon the Vagrant Act, particularly as
much larger Number of Duplicates of Passes
and Examinations appear to be returned to
Sessions in Proportion to the Orders issued
for Rewards to the Apprehenders of Vaga-
bonds, whereby the Conviction of incorrgi-
ble Rogues is rendered more certain.

And this Court are of Opinion, that the
accepting the further Proposal of James Sturges Adams< no role > for receiving and conveying
Vagabonds from Stains , Colnbrook , South
Mims , and Endfield , and clearing the Bride-
wells of Clerkenwell and Tothillfields and
other Lodgment of Vagabonds four Times
a Week, as mentioned in the 18th Article of
the said Report will produce a further fav-
ing to this County upon the Article of Va-
gabonds. And by conveying such Vaga-
bonds by the Means of one Person instead of
the Constables at large, the Detection of in-
corrigible Rogues will be rendered more cer-
tain, and this County will be relieved from
the repeated Expence occasioned by the Re-
turn of Vagabonds after being punished and

Ordered. That the said James Sturges
< no role > be contracted with under the
Regulations proposed by the 18th
Article of the Report of the Com-
mittee, such Contract to take place
when the said James Sturges Adams< no role >
hath procured a proper Lodgment
at Stains , Colnbrooke , South Mims , and
Endfield , and shall produce Orders
of conveying to the Treasurer exe-
cuted by him from the before-men-
tioned Places.

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