Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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At the Genll quarter Sessions etc

It is recommended bythisthe Court to the SeveralMagistrateJusties
of this County not to sign any Vagrant Pass until Oath is made
before them, or the Confession of the Party that an Act of Vagrancy
hath been Committed And upon such Proof if the Party so accused
be a Sturdy Beggar or a Counterfiet Object of distress, such Justice
Magistrateis desired to Order such Sturdy Beggar or Counterfeit
Object of distress to be Publickly Whippedat the Whipping
[..] Which Example this Court are of Opinion, will be
Sufficient to deter not only such Offender, but others of the
like Stamp, from Committing [..] for the future without Putting the County to the Expence of a
Pass; and such Justice is desired
& to take the Examination of such Vagabond [..] in
Writing Upon Oath touching the Place [..] his or her Settlement, and
transmit it to the next Sessionsto be then lodged as a
to be Records, in Order to prove such Vagrant an Incorrigible Rogue
upon the Commission of the like Offence after such Punishment

And this Court [..] recommended it to the
Sd: Magistrates Justices that when any Person is brought before there
and Charged upon Oath or these own Confession with having
Committed an Act of Vagrancy,
and [..] such Vagrant Shall appearto the
to be an Object of Compassionother then of punishmentthat the Justices would [..] such
that such Magistrate wouldVagrant to [..] & in the Committment mention
their Continuancein Bridewell more to be "To the next Sessionsor
unless sooner [..] Passed, when SuchMagistrateJustice May upon
sending down the Pass determine the Confinement, and also
Contribute to the more regular conveyance of such Vagrants by the
person Contracting with this Court for the Passing Rogues
Vagabonds and Incorrigible Rogues. And it is Recommended
to theMagistratesrespective Justices to be punctual in Sending [..] to the
Next Sessions Duplicates of the Passes and Examination as is
by Law required that Incorrigible Rogues may be Convicted
And Punished, as the LawCourt shalldirects And such Justices are
desired instead of Incerting the allowance as hereof an in the Certificate to mention only
[..] the Allowance of six pence for Maintenance in Such Certificate

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