Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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the Expence this County hath been put to
on that Account.

And your Committee are of Opi-
nion, that for want of a proper and regular
Method in laying before this Court an an-
nual Account of the Expence this County
had been put to on the Article of Vagabonds
many Irregularities have arisen and passed
unobserved to the great Detriment of the
County, to prevent which Inconvenience for
the future, and to render the passing of Ac-
counts of Vagabonds more certain and more
easy to the Magistrates, your Committee
recommended the following Method to the

That the Treasurer of this County
do provide a proper Book, and from Michael-
mas Day last, enter therein Abstracts of all
Orders or Certificates for conveying Vaga-
bonds from and through this County, num-
bering the said Orders or Certificates dated
from that Time, and entering such Numbers
in the said Book, distinguishing the Place
where such Vagabonds were conveyed to
the [..] of the Order or Certificate, the
Money ordered, and the Name of the Ma-
gistrate who signed such Order or Certificate.

That in the said Book be in the like
Manner entered seperately all such Orders as
shall be issued for paying Rewards to the
Apprehenders of Vagabonds, distinguishing

them into Numbers as aforesaid, together
with the Names of the several Vagabonds,
the Persons Names to whom they are pay-
able, the Money ordered, the Date and the
Magistrate's Names by whom the Orders are

That the High Constables of this
County do give their respective Petty Con-
stables Notice, that for the future they are
to deliver to the Treasurer of this County
all such Orders for conveying Vagabonds,
and Orders forwards as shall be in their
Hands twice every Year at least that is to
say at the Quarter Sessions in April, and
October and that the High Constables and
Contractors do the same, and that the Trea-
surer do not receive into his Account any
Orders not delivered in the Time above-
mentioned without special Direction of the

That the said Account be finally
closed on Michaelmas Day next, and an Ab-
stract thereof be presented by the Treasurer
on the County Day in December Sessions,
distinguishing the Number of Orders of Con-
veying and Orders for Rewards [..] by
every Magistrate, and the Gross sum such
Orders amount to.

That upon passing the Treasurer's Ac-
count in respect to Vagabonds, the several
Orders be checked with their Entry in the

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