Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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ders being ten Shillings) are of Opinion that
such Practices, may subject this County to
most gross Impositions, for if a Fraudulent
Collusion be between the Constable who
delivers, and him that receives Vagrants, the
Expence to the County may be carried to
dangerous Lengths, as the Passes themselves
are the only Check to Imposition.

Your Committee are obliged to ob-
serve, that some of the Orders which have
been produced before them, are so de-
fective in Form, that your Committee are
not able to judge whether the Sums upon
such Orders, are what ought to be charged
upon the County, as they do not mention
the Places such Vagabonds were conveyed
from, others for paying the Reward to the
Apprehenders of Vagabonds, are not under
Hand and Seal, as by the Statute directed,
neither has that Part of the Act of Parlia-
ment, which requires that Duplicates of the
Pass and Examinations be return'd to Sessions
been in General observ'd and complied with.

The Committee find 711 Orders for
passing Vagabonds less the last, then the
preceding Year, which your Committee ap-
prehend may justly be ascribed to the said
Order of Sessions, having put an effectual
Stop to the granting Vagrant Passes for
Casual Poor, where no Act of Vagrancy had
been committed.


The Difference between the Orders
for paying Rewards for apprehending Va-
gabonds for the Year preceding the said Or-
der of Sessions, and the Year the said Order
took Place is in Favour of the last Year 178.
2s.6d, which your Committee think may
also be justly ascribed to the Cautions given
in this Respect, in the said Order of Sessions,
and this Saving, as hath been observed, would
have been more considerable, had every Ma-
gistrate paid that Difference to those Cau-
tions which the Interest of the County, and
Decency to the Sessions demanded; and your
Committee are of Opinion, that if any Ma-
gistrate will take the Advantage of the
Power given him by the Statute of the 17th.
of the King to the Injury of the County, it
ought to be demanded of him to shew that
such Vagabonds were dealt with, as the said
Statute directs, and that Duplicates of the
Passes and Examinations of such Vagabonds
on whose Account such Orders are issued,
are regularly returned to Sessions, as proper
Vouchers for such Money. By which
Means also incorrigible Rogues would be
more easily Convicted, because when such
Duplicates are regularly returned to Sessions,
as the said Statute positively requires; and
the Order of Sessions so strongly recom-
mends such Returns, would be Records to

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