Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

July 1757

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And for that purpose that the sd. Justices who reside next
the City of London & to whom Vagabonds are brought in
their destination thro' this County would order such Vagabonds
to be lodged in Clerkenwell Bridewell to be from thence
conveyed by the [..] Contractor said Jas Stursaid James Sturgis
< no role > or any other Contractorfor the [..] Business aforesaid
to the next County and instead of inserting the Allowance
as heretofore in the Certificate to mention only an Allowance
of six pence forMaintenanceSubsistance according to the sd. Proposal
and the Keeper of Bridewell is to allow such Vagabonds
two pence a day for their maintenance during their continuance there, & is to
produce at every Sessions his Account of such Vagabonds
& the Expence ofkeepingmaintaining them according to
such Allowance of 2d. a day during their continuance in Bridewell
And this Court being of Opinion thatthe Assigning ten
The reward of Ten shillgs for the apprehending every Vagrant Beggar
(especially in London & the Parishes next adjoining) is more
than adequate to the time & trouble of the Apprehender,
& which has created Frauds, & brought a heavy Expence,
upon the County, doth therefore recommenditto the said
Justices to case the County in this respect by a frugal
distribution of such Reward, & to proportion it only to the
time & trouble such Apprehender may have

And it is farther recommended by this Court to the said
Justices not to sign any Vagrant Passuntillwithout Oath [..] first made
before them, or the confession of the Party, that an Act of
Vagrancy hath been committed, and upon such Proof if the
Party so accused be a Sherdy Beggar or shall appear to be a counterfeit

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