Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1715

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Image 49 of 1851st December 1714

Wee whose hands are hereunto sett Masters of
the Trade of Hempdressers in and about the
Citty of London and Inburbs thereof whose hands
are hereunto sett doe hereby humbly recomend
James Robinson< no role > of the same Trade to be a person
fitly quallified for the Office or place of Governer
of the house of Correction at Clerkenwell in the
County of Middx in the room and stead of Capt.
Boreman lately deceased Many of us haveing
been forced to goe to other places to be supplyed
for want of a Governor in the said house
who understood the Trade himself In Witness
whereof wee have here unto Sett our hands this
first day of Dember Anno Dui 1714

Ross Poole< no role > [..]
John Ash< no role >
Samuel Smith< no role >
Isaac Wellings< no role >
Wm: Smith< no role >

Samll Withers< no role >
Robr Southwood< no role >
James Walded< no role >
Benjn: Crakanthorp< no role >
Tho: Ward< no role >

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