Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 44 of 54225th May 1784

May 1784

"Above each Working Room Lofts for Drying & An open
Light over each Working Room serving at the same time as
Ventilators and to give light to the Lofts Basements Etc

"Cranes for raising Goods to be fixed next to the Court yard

Three Courts
for Males}

Placed North and South of No. 1 & 3 those South to
have Columnades on the Sides, and an Arcade under the
Infirmary in order to carry on any Works under Cover and
exposed to the Air with different Ways into each Court Yard

Three Courts for

Placed North and South No. 2 & 4 and with the
same Conveniences

Two Infirmarys

The one placed at the South end of the Males Courts
and the West end of the Females to be one Story high and
divided above the Arcades into three Apartments each of
a Preportion and Height to place three or Four Beds therein
with Ventilators and a reasonable supply of Air with Vapour
Rooms and Water Closets adjoining.

Basement Story

Under the Prisons

"A Kitchen and other Offices and Cellars and a
Warehouse and Landry under No 3 and No. 4 Baths to each
of the four Prisons which may occasionally be heated Two
Dungeons also placed under each Prison but with thorough Air
and Light occasionally Under No. 1 and 2 separate Rooms for
Male and Female Vagrants with ways from the outside
down to the same These will add to the above Numbers

"It must be remembered that the first Stroy being
raised at least Four Feet from the surface of the Street will
admit Light and Air and be at least equal to the Offices in
the Basement Storys of modern dwelling houses.

Under the Working Rooms

"To be contained the Repositorys of the Materials
to be made use of and to be raised up by an opening in
the center of each Working room.

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