Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 19 of 54212th January 1784

January 1784

Old Bailey and Mr Newport being interregated as to the circumstance
declared that a Woman had been delivered in the Gaol the day after her
Commitment but that it happened three Weeks before the time of her
Removal to Newgate to take her Trial and being asked whether any
Child had died in the Prison within Ten days last past he declared
that no Child had died in the Prison within Ten days last past to his
knowledge and being further Questioned whether he knew how many
Prisoners were now Sick in his Gaol and if he knew their Complaints
he said only four were now Sick in the Prison but he did not know
their Complaints Ordered that the above Examination and
Circumstances be referred to the Consideration of the Committee
appointed to examine into the General Government of the House of
Correction at Clerkenwell and That Mr John Harwood< no role > and Mr.
Samuel Newport< no role > do prepare and lay before the said Committee an
Account in Writing of what Number of Prisoners have been detained
in their respective Prisons within a Month last past for fees only
how long they were detained on that Account and whether any and
which of them remained in Irons.

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