Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 232 of 5594th December 1746

the Surviving Trustees in whom the Said Estate is
vested In Trust for this County, for Recovery of the
Arrears of Rent due from the Said William Body< no role >
and payable for the Messuage with the Appurts
aforesaid, And that Mr. Higgs Should be employed
as Alterney to being and carry on the Said Action
This Court being informed that the Said William
Body doth define that Same time may be allowed
to him that he may obtain Money in Order to pay
the Said Arrears, Doth Order that all Proceedings
in the Said Action he Stayed until the next General
Quarter Session of the Peace to be holden for this

By adjornment on Thursday the fourth Day of
December, 1746.

Order for Justices of the
Peace to mention in their
Certificates of Allowances
in Words at length as well
the Sums allowed for Relief
as the Sums allowed for the
Conveyance of Vagabonds
or Vagrants.}

It is Ordered by this Court that it be And It is hereby
recommended and referred unto the respective Justices of the
Peace in the Several Divisions in this County that where any
Pass or Passes Shall be by them or any of them made for the
passing or conveying of any Vagabond or Vagabonds or
Vagrant or Vagrants by any Constable or other Peace Officer
according to the Direction of the late Act of Parliament in
Such case made, the said respective Justices do in the Certificate
of Allowances to be by them on any of them respectively
given to Such Constable or other Peace Officer mention in
Words at length as well the Sum or Sums allowed for Relief
as the Sum or Sums allowed for the Conveyance of Such
Vagabonds or Vagrants.

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