Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 242 of 55926th February 1747

By adjornment on Thursday the 26th. Day of February,1746 .

Order for Mr. Higgs Trearer
of Middx to pay 9. to Mr.
John Wilkins< no role > Paviour on< no role >
account of paving Work
done at Brentford

It is Ordered by this Court that Mr. John Higgs< no role > Treasurer
of this County do pay unto Mr. John Wilkins< no role > Paviour the
Sum of Nine Pounds for paving Nine hundred yards of
Pavement upon Brentford Bridge in the Said County
after the Rate of twenty Shillings P hundred for one
year ending at Michaelmas one thousand Seven hundred
and forty Six in full of his demand till that time, And
that the Receipt of the Said John Wilkins< no role > together with this
Order Shall be a Sufficient Discharge to the Said Treasurer
for Such payment.

By adjornment on Thursday the 26th. Day of February 1746.

Order for confirming the
Account and Report
concerning County Rate
Money reced and
disbursed by Mr. Higgs< no role >
Treasurer of Middx.}

A Report being made unto this Court, Ore tenus, by Philip
Dyot, Boulton Mainwaring, John Lawton< no role > , John Tall< no role >
William Withers< no role > & Robert Paul< no role > Esqrs . Justices of the Peace
of this County concerning the Account of Mr. John Higgs< no role >
Treasurer of the Said County dated the twenty fourthday
of February 1746 of the Moneys by him reced upon a
Rate or Assessment made in May Sessions in the Nineteenth
Year of his present Majesty's Reign upon the respective
Parishes and Places in this County by vertue of the Act
of Parliament made for the more easy assessing collecting
and levying of County Rates, and also of the Moneys reced
by the Said Treasurer for the Arrears of a former Rates
made by vertue of the Said Act, which Account the Said
Justices are of Opinion is a right and true Account
It appeareth to this Court by the Said Account that the
Several Sums of Money reced by the Said Treasurer
upon the Said first mentioned Rate, together with the

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