Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 237 of 55915th January 1747

the Incurable Hospital which was granted, the Expences
of which Several Applications and entring into Security
Bonds and fees amounted in the whole to Eight Pounds
or thereabouts, And that the Said Parish is burthened
with numerous Poor that their Workhouse is filled with
them, And that Servants to the Housekeeper of Hicks hall
gain Settlements in the Said Parish by Means of their
Service, and the Petrs. obliged to provide for them at
great Expence, And that the present Housekeeper carrys on a Business in the Said House And the Petitioners therefore prayed this
Court that the Said Housekeeper for the future may be rated to
the Poor and other Rates made in the Said Parish, in Such
Proportion as to this Court Shall Seem meet, And the
Matter of the Said Petition being appointed to be heard by
this Court on this fifteenth Day of January instant, Now
upon hearing of what was alledged by Mr. Jonathan Dean< no role >
the Churchwarden on behalf of himself and the other
Inhabitants of the Said Parish of St. Sepulchre , and also by
Mr. Thomas Northcote< no role > the present Housekeeper of Hicks hall
aforesaid touching the Premisses, This Court is of opinion
that the Said Thomas Northcote< no role > as Housekeeper of Hicks hall
aforesaid being the Publick Sessions House for the County of
Middx (in which the General Quarter and General Sessions
of the Peace for the Said County are from time to time
holden) ought not to be assessed towards the Relief of the
Poor of the Said Parish, And doth thereupon dismiss the
Said Petition and the Same is hereby dismissed accordingly.

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