Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

22nd February 1725 - 19th January 1734

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Image 424 of 69610th July 1729

P adjorn Jovis 10o. die July 1729

Order appointing
a Committee to consider
of a Method touching
the appointing of
Searchers to inspect
the makeing of Bricks

Whereas by an Order made by the Court of the
last Generall Sessions of the Peace holden for
this County by adjornment on Saturday the
Twenty fourth day of May last It was Ordered
that noe more or other Searchers (than what
were already appointed by the said Court at
the Same Sessions) should be appointed to View
and inspect the making of Bricks and
Pantiles in this County pursuant to the Act of
Parliament in Such Case made untill this
Tenth day of July instant, And that it should
be on this Day taken into consideration
what method shall for the future be observed
and taken by the Court in the appointing of
such Searchers by examination into the
fitness of their Qualifications for that
Employment or what other proper Method
is fit to be pursued for rendring the said
Act effectuall according to the true intent
and meaning thereof as to the Searching and
inspecting the makeing of Bricks and Pantiles
Now upon debate had touching the Premisses
This Court For the more effectuall putting in
Execution the said Act of Parliament Doth
hereby Order that it be And It is hereby
recommended and referred unto John
Milner Esquire Sir Thomas Jones< no role > Knight
Sir William Ogborne< no role > Knight Robert Thornhill< no role >
Nicholas Jeffreys< no role > John Crosse< no role > Robert Gay< no role >
John Ellis< no role > Robert Dennett< no role > William Cotesworth< no role >
Alexander Ward< no role > Francis Sorell< no role > Thomas
< no role > Robert Tothill< no role > Robert Hucks< no role >
Thomas West< no role > and Robert Hinde< no role > Junior Esquires
Justices of the Peace for this County or any three

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