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The Information of John Mathew< no role > of [..]
Lane in the said County Spring Curtain Mak [..]
Taken before me Charles Triquet< no role > Esquire [..]
of his Majestys Justices of the peace for the [..]
County the Ninth day of August 1781

Who upon his Oath Saith. That about One o' Clock this
Morning as he was coming down parkers land in Drury
Lane he was met by Two Women Namely Eleanor Mc Cabe< no role >
and Mary Bomen and by their pursuasion he went with
them to a Lodging room in the Dwelling house of Antony
< no role > in Lewkners Lane Drury Lane - That he undressed
himself and went into bed and the said Two Women cause
also into Bed. That immediately Mary Bowen< no role > got out
of Bed under pretence of putting the Candle out when he
saw the said Mary Bowen< no role > Seige hold of his Cloaths upon
which he got out of bed and rescued them form her and
then Eleanor Mc. Cabe Seized hold of his Breeches and
Hole a Silver Watch from the Fob and both the said
Women immediately ran away. That the Watch is of the
Value of Three Guineas

John Matthews< no role >

Taken and Sworn the
9th. day of August 1781 before me}
Chas. Triquet< no role >

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