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Westminster to Wit

The Information of Janet Ross< no role > , Rose Graham< no role > andDiana
Light owler and John Furecaux< no role > taken before me this 4th. day of August 1781

Who being on Oath say and for it the said Janet Ross< no role > says
that a person now present who calls herself Ann Murray< no role > lodged opposite to
this Informant in White Hart Yard and used frequently to come to
[..] her Lodging - That Yesterday between 12 & 1 o Clock the said Ann Murray< no role >
came to her and borrowed some thread; after which she saw her no more
that Yesterday Evening abt. 5 o Clock she (this Informant) went out and
returned again about 6 o Clock when she found that her Chest had been
broken open and robbed of eight pounds fourteen shillings - And the said
Rose Graham< no role > says that yesterday Evening about 5 o Clock she said
thea person come from out of a Window of a lower back Room in Red
Lion Court near White Hart Yard (which she hath Since been informed is the
Room in which the said Janet Ross< no role > Lodged, and from which the said Money
was stolen as aforesaid) and that she doth verily believe that the said
Ann Murray< no role > , is the person that so got out of the said Window. The
said Diana Lightowler Says, that [..] between five and six o Clock yesterday
Evening, the said Ann Murray< no role > bought of her a black Silk Cloak now produced
and paid her twelve shilling for the same; and that she saw at the tune
she paid her the Money, several more Gunieas in her Hand. And the
said John Furneaux< no role > says that about 8 o'Clock yesterday Evening he apprehended
the said Ann Murray< no role > , at the Artichoak in White Hart Yard, and found
in her pocket four Guineas and a half, two half Crowns; and three Shillings
and when he took her into Custody she appeared to be in new Cloaths and
the said Janet Ross< no role > for herself further saith, that from the above (as well

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