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Middlesex to wit

The Information of George Bailey< no role > -
Shopman to Messrs. Francis and Henry
< no role > of Oxford Street Haberdasher
taken before me this 27th. day of July

Who being on Oath says that this Day a Person now present
who calls herself Mary Rose< no role > came into the shop of the said
Messrs. Thompsons and desired to look at some Thread
Laces. That he shewed her some amongst which was
the Card and Lace now produced. That she purchased two
yards of Lace and went away. That as soon as she
was gone he missed the Card of Lace now produced.
that he followed her into the Street, took hold of her
by her right Arm at which Time he felt the Card of
Lace under her Cloak. That he then brought her back
into his said Masters Shop where he took the Card
of Lace now produced from under her Cloak;
and is very sure she stole the some

Sworn before me this
27th. day of July 1781}

Sampn Wright< no role >

P Dailey

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