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Cuts at him with his Drawn hanger
and terribly wounded him in his head face
and several parts of his body swearing at the
same time he would take away his Life
which this Informt. fearing would be the
Consequence from the great Quantity of
blood which flowed from the Different
wounds which her husband had received
from the sd. Stephen Collins< no role > that she
threw herself upon the bed in Order to
save her husbands Life when the said
Collins immediately stabbed her in the
Thigh with his Cutlass And this Informt
further saith that she is positive sure
that the sd. Collins is the Person who cut
and wounded her husband and also
stabbed her in the manner aforesd.

Sworn before me the
27th. of September 1781
Jno Sherwood< no role > }

Judith Coleman< no role >

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