St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences Brot. over£2..16..0

May. 1. Paid Wood for Shifts for Martha Taylor< no role > 0..2..6
Paid Do. for shoes for Do0..1..6

7. Paid Jane Hutchinson< no role > for Cloaths for her Husband to go
into the Hospital with

Spent at the Three Tunn Tavern in Grace Church Street at as
Meeting of the Church Wardens of Allhallow's Lombard Street
to Consider of a Bill brought by the said Church Warden's

15. Paid Eliza: Trueloves< no role > Rent(No. 1)1..0..0
Paid Newberry for Crosslands Necessary's0..10..0

25. Paid the Paviour for Setting the Fire Plugg in Ingram Court0..1..0
29. Paid Goody Harris for Cloaths1..1..4
Hutchinson for Hospital Fees0..2..6
Martha Tyler< no role > for Cloaths0..11..6

June 3. Paid Prichard for a Pair of Shoes0..2..0
6. Paid Newberry for Crosslands Cloaths0..10..6
Paid for a Warrant for Smith0..1..0
17. Paid for Cloaths for Davison0..10..0
18. Paid for Do. for yeaxley (2)1..5..6
Paid for Shoes for a Girl at Nurse Willson's0..1..10

July. 1. Paid for Cloths for Tyler0..8..0
Paid Ward by Order of the Overseers0..7..0
15. Gave Fair brother to buy Fruit to Sell again0..5..0
Paid Wards Wife for Cloaths(3.)0..7..6
Paid Tyler for Do.(4.)0..5..6
Paid Anne Beal for Do(5.)0..14..8

25. Paid Ward for Cleaning the Ward in the Hospital when she
went in

August. 12. Paid Nurse Willson's Bill for Necessary's for the Poor in her Care0..8..6
14. Spent with the Overseer's on making the Poors Rate(7.)1..12..6
26. Paid Grace Lime for Hutchinson & Daur in their Sickness0..8..0

Septr. 17. Paid for Necessary's and getting Hutchinson in ye. Hospital (9)1..0.6
23. Paid at the Mitre after a vestry0..4..0
26. Pd. Mrs. Woods Bill for Cloths Etc: for the 2 Hutchinson's & Wards Son (10)1..10..9

Sundry Expences Carried over17..9..1

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