St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Several Expences Brot. over£3:7:9

Decr. 31. To the Clk of the Parish at the Rect. of Mr. Findals Gift0:2:0
To the Beadle of the Armourers Company0:1:0
Paid Mr. Woods by Consent of the Overseers for Extra
Janry. 14. Paid for Lists for Lent Preachers0:1:0
16. Gave to the Hospital Beadle0:1:0
Spent with the Overseers0:2:0
31. Spent receiving Mr. Harrisons Rent0:7:6
Feby. 6. Paid for the Charges of An Appeal agt. Bishopgate
Parish abt. the Settlemt. of Martha Parry< no role > as P Bill475:13:0
240 Mar: 27. Paid Mary Hollowells< no role > Rent to Mr. Cock0:9:0
Paid for a List of the Parishioners P order of Vestry1:1:0
Spent receiving Mrs. Croswicks Ground Rent0:2:0
April. 16. Spent about Consulting Parish officers0:10:2
21. Postage of a Letter to the Comons0:0:1
Paid to the Common Shores0:12:6
24. Spent at the Receipt of Cash's Rent0:4:6
26 Spent at the Receipt of Gouldings Rent0:1:0
28. Spent with the Church Wardens of Allhallows 0:1:0
Paid for. 2 Comon Prayer Books for the Desk1:6:0
May. 1. Paid for the Poors List & Books0:2:4
20. Paid with Thomas Fair brother when putt Apprentice
to James Peisly as P Receipt483:0:0
29. Spent Receiving Mr. Harrisons Rent0:6:7
Spent with the Auditors of Account P order of Vestry2:2:0
July 15. Spent with the Collectors Settlings the Book0:2:0

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