St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Casual Poor.

Brought over£23:2:0

JanryGave the Mother of Ann Morgan< no role > that was dropt at Mrs. Heberts Door &
Advertized 5 Guineas Reward to produce the Person that dropt it

15 Gave a Woman with a Pass0:0:6
16. Gave a Poor Woman0:1:0
Gave Wool's Wife0:1:0
Gave Elizabeth Davison< no role > 0:1:0
19. Gave a man with a Pass0:0:6
20. Gave Priests man0:1:0
Gave Henry Tyler< no role > for a Shirts0:2:6
21. Gave John Southgate< no role > for Things0:9:0
Gave Wool's for Shoes & Stockings0:3:0
Gave Ann Martin< no role > 0:2:0

Gave Mills Wife that served his Time with Mrs. Barney's Uncle
to keep her and a Child from the Parish

24. Gave Mills Wife to Carry her & her Daughter into the Country0:2:6
27. Gave Henry Huggin's Wife to buy Shoes & Stockings0:2:6
28. Gave Ann Martin< no role > 0:2:6
Febry. 2 Gave Hutchinson when he & his Wife was Sick0:2:6
4. Gave Judith Rayner 2 Shifts0:6:0
5. Gave Mary Lewis< no role > to buy things to go to Service0:7:6
9. Gave a Poor Clergyman0:1:0
Gave Ann Roberts< no role > when passed0:1:0
18. Gave Southgate 0:3:0
Do. Ann Martin< no role > 0:2:6
Do. Ann Roberts< no role > 0:2:0
Do. George Wallis< no role > 0:5:0
Do. John Prichard< no role > for Cloths0:3:0
19. Do. Truelove when Sick0:5..0
24. Gave Hutchinson for Shoes0:2:6
Gave Southgate 0:2:0
26. Do. Martha Tayler< no role > 0:2:0
Ann Martin< no role > 0:1:0
29. Gave Mr. Manduitts Man0:1:0
Gave a Poor Man0:1:0
March. Gave Timothy Dennis< no role > 0:2:6
5. Gave Mrs. Truelove when Sick0:10:6
Do. Mr. Manduits Man0:2:0
7 Do. a Poor Woman0:1:6
Carried over £28:4:6

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