St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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1697 Sacrament Money paid by Francis Lee< no role >
s d
May 1t.To three very old women two of them Lame00 04 [..]
Do. 4th.To a poor old decayd. Gentlemen- 02 [..]
Do. 6thTo. Sr James Hayes< no role > Barronet - 05 [..]
Do.To driver recomended P Mr. Hall 1s. A poor Old woman 1s.- 02 [..]
Do. 28 To Mr. Carter a Minister- 05 [..]
Do.To Sr. James Hayes< no role > - 05 [..]
June 12th.To Wm. Hall< no role > a poor minster 2s.6d. Driver 1s. a Poor old woman 1s- 04 [..]
July 8th.To Driver 1s. Edwd. Long< no role > a bruifed Porter 5s. a Woman with a Cancer 2s.- 08 -
Do. 22thTo a poor woman and four Children 2s.6d one recomended by Mr. Pernell 2s.6d- 05 -
Augt. 7th.To Gattfords Uncle and a poor minister 4s Clerks sexton 4s. Carter Minister 2s. 6d- 10 6
DittoTo two Jones 7d. to Mr. Shorter a Derayd. Golismith 2s.6d- 03 01
DittoTo Gammer Daniell a poor old Tub Woman 1s. Cancerons Woman 1s- 02 -
DittoTo two poor old Windows 7d. Mrs Capell 1s. Field and Hoskins 18d.00 03 1
Ditto 23th.To a Leamans wife 3s her husband prisoner in France00 03 06
27th To two poor Sick Children 2s. a naked prisoner 1s.00 03 -
30th. To a poor woman to buy cloths for a naked Girl & to keep her- 15 -
Sept. 4 To a poor old Tub woman 1s. Widow Capell 1s.- 02 -
14th. To a poor woman disbursed on a sick naked Girl & to keep her & medcines- 13 -
22d. To A minister recomended P Mr. Cook 5s. a prison wife 2s00 07 -
30th To the poor woman for keeping sick Girl 4s. Canceroey woman 1s.- 05 -
Octob: 15th. To a poor big bellies woman having Ten Children living00 05 -
20th. To Edward Long< no role > Bruised Porter 2s.6d. to John Harman< no role > a blindman 2s. 6d- 05 -
Nov. 7thTo a Cancerous woman 2s 6d poor aged Labouring Man & woman 2s.00 04 -
14th.To a poor Decayed Gentleman 2s.6d two wounded Seamen 2s00 04 [..]
Decemb 6th. To a Cancerous woman 2s. a poor Old Lame Woman 2s.6d. Joan 6d- 05 -
Toward fees for Releaseing a Prisoner- 01 -
21th. By Cash distributed by Ordr. of Vestry02 - -
Jan: 7th To Sarah Field< no role > and three distressed Children- 05 [..]
To Edward Long< no role > Bruised Porter 1s. widow Capell 100 02 [..]
28thTo Edward Long< no role > Bruised porter 2s.6d a widow & poor family 2s.6d00 05 -
Ditto To two prisoners 1s. to bury a watchman 1s. an aged Lamd Woman 2s.6d- 04 [..]
Feb: 12th. To Sarah Field< no role > Cancerous wth. 3 Children 5s a poor family wth. 8 Childn;- 10 -
16 To Mrs. Levingstone00 05 [..]
17th. To Edwd Long< no role > Broken Ribbs- 02 [..]
Ditto 22th. To Saml. Driver recomended P Mr. John Hall< no role > 00 02 [..]
Do. To a poor old Tub woman00 01 -
March 4th: To a poor Watchman John Williams< no role > 1s. Edw: Long< no role > 1s00 02 -
13th To Sarah Field< no role > & three Children00 02
22d. To Cash paid towards burying cloths to put a poor boy to Aprentice- 6 -
26th. To Ditto Long00 02 [..]
To a very aged woman endeavouring to live honestly00 01 -
APr 5th: & 13thTo Edwd Long< no role > 1s. Sarah Field< no role > 2s00 03 -
May 13th: To a very poor woman with 5 small Children toward subsistance00 08 -
To poor Old Joane00 - [..]
To Edwd. Long00 01 -
To two poor very much wourded Foldrers with Passes00 02 -
11 18 [..]

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