St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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£ s d

27 Pd. Mase Ipsley< no role > 04:01:00
30: pd Mr Beard for Nurse Children in full to 29 Inst09:01:00
Octo: 1: pd. Harriss her Pension due 29 Inst.01:00:00
2: pd. Wagstaff ditto00:12:00
3: pd. nurse Fairtlough to ye 29th: of Sept. last13:03:01
pd. Nurse Ipsloy< no role > to discharge Hamonds Girle from Shore01:10:00
pd. Coates her Pension01:06:00
pd. Nurse Naseby< no role > for Copping01:17:06
pd. Mr Whinyard 20s pd. Jackson 3s01:03:00
4 pd Mr. Martin her Bill due at Mich03:15:06
9 pd. Mrs. Martin Seiner her Bill02:05:06
pd. ye Steward of Bethlem for Mr Lane due at Mich03:10:00
pd. Parrs Rent 1s:10dpd Jacksons kent to02:00:00
10 pd. Wolfe ye Mason00:11:11
11 pd. Jackson00:03:00
pd. ye Ringers & Benefires00:11:00
12 pd. for a Prayer for the Kings Majesty00:01:00
25 pd. one years quit Rent due at Mich00:03:08
Nov 6: pd. Hamond 2 Weeks 10s pd Jackson 3 weeks of00:19:00
pd. for Ringing & Benefires of the 4th & 5th: of Novr01:02:00
9 pd. to Livingston00:05:00
pd. Expences about of Demad with m: Stone Etc.00:12:00
12 pd. Clothing & putting to Apprentice to [..] on08:16:00
15 pd. Hamond & Jackon 2 weeks00:16:00
16. pd. for Two Simons to Bow Church 00:02:00
18 pd. ye Ringers for 17s. Inst:00:02:06
Pd Hamond & Jackson< no role > 2 weeks00:16:00
Dec, 2 pd. ye Collectors of Cripplegate in full till Easter next06:00:00
5 pd. Mr William Layfeild< no role > Inderest of £200: 1st. Inst12:00:00
8 pd. for a Proclimation for a fast 12d: pd. Presenments00:16:04
pd. Spent at ye Miter Mr Cook Mr Hall & Mr Powell Pst.00:12:00
pd. for Eno: prayer Books 2s: to a Poor minister 2s.6d00:04:06
16 pd. Spent att ye inter after ye Election of ward officers01:11:00
20 pd. Spent at Do. wn: recd Mo: Habeys, Mr Mohrmans & Mr. White Fines &
also £41: of ye Poors Collectors
21 pd. Mr Abbeys Guift to Mrs. Browne05:00:00
pd. distributed Ditto gift02:10:00
pd. distribute ye Acmoners Guift02:12:00
pd. Hamond & Jackson< no role > 3 weeks01:04:00
22 pd. Harriss her Pension01:03:00
pd. nurse Ipsey in full04:17:00
26 pd: Coats£1:6s:0d: pd nurse Beard £9:1s:0d:10:07:00
pd: Fair [..] lough full11:04:00
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