Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Dart William to be put out Apprentice9
Dowkins Henry took his Charge28

Dubby and Ward Lord Vincent Apprentice proposed by him to
be put out possible to [..] Norris about

Daker John his Legacy of 100 reported142
Damped John Esqr . chosen one of the Steward for next Election Feast146

Dean Richard appointed one of the Six Governors to [..] of [..]
Like Names of Inhabitants of Bridewell Precinct with respect to the
comp [..] of the Hospital and Precinct for Payment of Cloud Tea

Dowes Petr. Nominated a Governor173
Dickinson John The Like175
Decayers William The Like175
Decayers William Elected a Governor184
D [..] John The Like185
Dickinson John The Like186
Damfort John chosen a Steward for next Election Feast188
Dowes the John Bewer Knight appointed a Governor199
Dickinson John took his Charge205
Dawsher John Brewer Knight The Like226
Dues John Prove proposed as a Governor255
Elected a Governor264
took his Charge267

Dinber D [..] to be admitted a Patient into Bethlem Hospital
on 3 Humphreys contaning into a Bond in Property of 200

Dane George proposed as a Governor280
Elected Governor289
Dallen Richard Proposed as a Governor290
Elected a Governor298
Dent Robert Chosen Steward for next Election Feast300
Dod William to made free305
Doctor Robert took his Charge309
Drake William John his Benefaction of 50 reported310
Nominated a Governor310
Elected a Governor313
Damfort William to be put out Apprentice315
Dod John Nominated a Governor317
Dent William to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift318
Dowes John took his Charge321
Dawyers William The LIke321
Dent John took his Charge321
Dent John Elected a Governor322
Dent William to be paid 10 Fowke's Gift324
Dent William his Benefaction of 50 reported326
Nominated a Governor327
Dave George took his Charge329
Dent William Elected a Governor333
Dawkins Henry Chosen a Steward for next Election Feast336
De ValongisFrancis Mr. D. Nominated a Governor345
Dort William took his Charge348
De ValongisFrancis Elected a Governor349
Dick [..] Nominated a Governor349

Daniel Ray Law [..] Woman at Bethlem Hospital her
Salary from [..] to be 15 P Annum in her of 10 Guineas

Dick William to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift355
Dick [..] Elected a Governor361
Di [..] ghan Brampton Garson Chosen Steward for next Election Feast364
Dent William to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift365
De Valongis Doctor took his Charge376
Doll Samuel Elected a Governor385

Davies Ann his Legacy of 3 for Contracted
Ad [..] reported

Dixon Mr. Deputy Richd Chosen Steward for next
Election Feast

Dollan English appointed a Governor394
Dich Question took his Charge404
Dellars John English his Benefaction of 30 reported420

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