Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th January 1762 - 15th March 1781

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Image 4 of 7947th January 1762

Allwright John to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift20
Abbot Robert put out Apprentice21
Artsmaster Vacancy on Death of Wm. Farr Declared21
Artsmaster Vacancy on Death Suton Sharpe Declared30
Allen William to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift31
Andrews William put out Apprentice31
Allen William to be paid 10 Mr. Fowkes Gift37
Allwright John to be paid 10 Mr Fowkes Gift43
Artsmaster Vacancy Declared on Death Ben Cacker60
Arnett Richard Put out Apprentice77

Artsmaster Beadles & Boys Complaint agt. them
referred to the House Comittee}

Artsmaster Beadles and Boys Report of House
Comittee relating to them}

Allen John Elected Porters Man102
Artsmaster Orders Regulation referred to Comittee106

Artsmasters and Apprentices Consideration of them
Utility Etc referred to a Select Committee}

Artsmasters and Apprentices Report of Select Committee

Apprentices Report of House Comittee that no more
than two of them shall be seen together Confirmed}

Adkins John Made free122

Artsmaster Vacancy Declared in the Room of
James Smith}

Adkins John to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift150
Adkins John to be paid 10Mr. Fowkes Gift155
Allen John Beadles, Discharged157
Arbuthnot Grays Esqr Nominated a Governor157

Artsmaster Vacancy declared in the Room of
of Edwd. Grinsell resigned}

Austin Francis Esqr . Nominated a Governor 170
Adkins Willm made free173
Andrew James put out Apprentice173

Allen Francis, leave Granted him to Assign Lease
of Premises in St. Martin Lane for the Remr. of
his Term to Willm Frost}

Adkins John to be Inquired after for Locks Gift182
Allen Wm to be inquired after for Do183
Adkins john, to be paid 10 Mr Locks191

Atkins Willm. to be inquired after for Mr Fowkes

Allen Wm to be paid 10 Mr Locks Gift197
Atkins Wm to be paid 10 Mr. Fowkes Gift197

Artsmasters , Vacancy's Declared by the Death
of Richd Day & Thos. Dunn}

Andrews Wm. Ordered to be whipped, Stripped
& Turned out of the Hospital}

Amory John, putt out Apprentice238
Annesley Arthur Esqr nominated a Governor238
Andrews Wm. Rendmitted on Apprentice246
Annesley Arthur Esqr . took his Charges246
Austin Francis Esqr last took his Charge246

Apothecary of Bethlem to house the Provision of
the House}

Abidey the Revd Mr Stotherd Nom a Govr254
Atkins Mr Edward Nominated a Governor254
Adkins Wm to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift 268
Atkins Mr Edwd. took his Charge268

Artsmar. Vacacy Declared on the Dismission
of Thomas Banks}

Adkins Wm. to be paid 10 Mr Locks Gift 275
Abbott Robt made free277
Akerman Isaac Esqr . Nominated a Govr285
Adams Sir Richd. his Donation Reported 290
Akerman Isaac Esqr . took his Charge307
Arnett Richard Made free330
Do to be inquired after for Mr Fowkes Gift 336
Arnett Richd to be found 10 Mr Fowkes G345
Doto be inquired after for Locks Gift354
Doto be paid 10 Mr Locks Gift358

Apothecary Pinles for his Conduct Etc Reported
and Confirmed}

Artsmasters Vacancy Porlared on Resignation
of John Packer & Death of Henry Healford}

Aldridge Mrs. Eliz Legy of 100 reported 380
Angel Robert put out Apprentice397
Artsmaster Hadwen Richard Resigns464
Andrews James to be made free416
Do to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift429
Do to be paid Do434

Aldred Captn. John his Legy to be put up in
the hall}

Auditors Committee of Report500
Artsmaster Petition512
Apprentices Do513
Andrews James to be inqd. after Fow Lock Gift515
to be paid 10 Do520

Apprentices Misbebaviour refered to Comee 537
Andrews Richd Mr. nomd. a Govr.539
Arnold Arnold Geo Esqr .Do539
Aynsworth Rowland Esqr Do540
Addington John Esqr Do541
Apprentices Petition Rejected544
Andrews Richard Mr. Took his Charge548
Benefaction reported548
Addington John Esqr took his Charge548
Arnold Arnold Geo. Esqr . Do548
Auditors Committee of Their Report554
Arrears referr'd to House Committee502
Audrs. Rept. to be printed562
Applegate Stephen to be put out Apprd. 564
Anderson William Do564
Auditors Report615
Auditors Thanks given them624
Aynsworth Rowland Esqr . look his Charge 650
Allam Thomas put out Appr660
Audr Genl. to nominate a Govr annually605
Auditors Report671
Angell Robert whipt right and tund out677

Artsmaster Vacancy declared on Mr Gellingham

Apprentices of London 6 Apartmts. provided
for such as the Chamberlain may send}

Artsmr. Election of Edward Jones684
Allen Francis put out Appr716
Auditors Report728
Austin Richd Esqr . nomd. a Govr739
took his Charge745
Benefaction repd745
Artsmasters Vacancy of 3 declared745

Apprentices, Junior once who are
disorderly, treasurer to direct
them to be corrected543.

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