Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th January 1762 - 15th March 1781

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Bradshaw Mr James took his Charge7
Bourne Mr John Elected Rucr in Lincolnshire7
Bootle Richard Wilbraham Esqr . took his Charge15
Blogden Mr John took his Charge15
Bethlem Hospital Report Grand Comittee15
Bowdler Richard made free21
Barber of Bethlem Vacancy declared on Death Jno. Gandell42
Bethlem Hospital 12 New Cells to be built52
Bowler Richd. to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift53
Bone Richard Made Free53
Bunyard William Made free53
Brand John put out Apprentice53
Bowler Richd. to be paid 10 Mr. Fowkes Gift60
Bales Richard to be Inquired after for Locks Gift69
Bates Richard to be paid 10 Mr Locks Gift76
Brown George put out Apprentice77

Bridewell Hospital Case to be prepared us to the
Demand on St. Thomas & Mr Yorkes Opinion taken}

Beadle a Vacancy declared on Dath Joseph Fitch96
Bunyard William to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift97
Bridewell Hospital Charter to be laid before Committee101
Report Therdon115
Bunyard William to be paid 10 Mr Fowkes Gift101
Bowler Richd. to be Inquired after for Locks Gift106
Barber of Bethlem Vacancy Declared109
Bowler Richd. to be said 10 Mr Locks Gift109

Bethlem Hospital Vacancy of a Steward Declared on
the Death of Thomas Hodges}

Bethlem Hospital Grand Comittee to Consider the
Office and Duty of the Steward}

Banks Thomas Elected an Artsmaster129

Bethlem Hospital Report of Grand Comittee as to the
Office and Duty of Steward

Bethlem Hospital Memorial of Grand Comittee as
to the duty of the Offices & Servt. of Bethlem}

Beadle Vacancy Declared on Death James How140
Boys not to be put on liking but by Order of Comittee141
Bethlem Hospital, Vacancy of Porter declared149
Bunyard Wm. to be inquired after for Locks Gift151
Barnes Robt. put out Apprentice151

Bethlem Hospital, Doors to be Kept Locks on
Mondays Tuesdays & Wednesdays in Easter &
Whitsun Weeks & the 3 Succeeding days after
Christmas Yearly}

Boddington John his Petrs. to Assign Lease Granted152
Bunyard Wm. to be paid 10 Mr Locks Gift155
Beadle of Bridewell, Vacancy Declared157
Banks John Made free168
Baydon James Esqr . Nominated a Governor170
Bridewell Hospital Vacancy of Porter declared 172
Brown John Elected Porter of Bridewell179

Beadle, Vacancy Declared on Promotion of John

Banks John to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift 184
Buylis Isaac made free193
Baker Alexr put out Apprentice193
Brown John to have a Gratuity206
Box Henry put out Apprentice206

Beadles & Porters Man Yearly Gratuity of
10 Ordd them in lien of 4}

Barber of Bethlem Vacancy declared 233
Bethlem Hospital Regulations to be made 236
Banks John to be inquired after for Locks Gift 237
Bird John Junr Esqr Nominated a Governor 238
Banks John to be paid 10 Mr Locks Gift241
Bird John Esqr took his Charge242
Burwick Mrs. Mary Sier Legacy Reported 243
Berton Robert put out Apprentice247
Barnes Charles put out Apprentice247
Bethlem Hospital now Reputations therein 249

Bridewell Hospital Minister & Readers
Salary Increased}

Bethlem Hospital Officers and Servants
Salarys Increased}

Bethlem Hospital, Apothecary thereof, to have
the Provision of the Houses}

Bowdler John Esqr Nominated a Governor253
Barnston, Wm Gregg Esqr Do253
Burrell Peter EsqDo253
Bedford this Duke ofDo253
Bosworth Then Revd DrDo253
Bridgen Edwd. Esqr Do.253
Birgley Mr JohnDo254
Brocknock Mr AbramDo264
Boddam Thos. Esqr Do254
Brown John to have a Gratuity259
Bunyard Robt made free260
Brooks Thos. put out Apprentice260
Banks Thos. Artsmaster Expelled263

Broke Lord Willoughby deNominatedelected a

Barnston Wm. Gregg Esqr took his Charge268
Bridgen Edwd Esqr Do268
Bailey Mr JohnDo268
Brocknock Mr AbrahamDo268
Boddam Thos. Esqr Do268

Beadle Vacancy Declared on Death of
Wm Wilkins}

Bunyard Robt to be inquired after for Fowkes G 276
Bristowe Richd Esqr his Legacy Reported279
Bosworth the Revd Dr took his Charge279
Barber of Bethlem Vacancy declared282
Bunyard Robt to be paid Mr Fowkes Gift283
Backwell Wm Esqr . his will Reported285
Besborough the Part of Nominated a Govr285
Bowdler John took his Charge285
Burrell Peter Esqr .Do290
Bristow Robt Esqr Do290

Bridewell Hospital An Inquiry to be
made what New Regulations to be
made therein on Account of the Grant
to the Bridge Committee}

Brown John to have a Gratuity of 40298
Brand John Made free300
Bromley Michael put out Apprentice300
Broadway Wm. the Like300

Bull & Bour Yard Southwark Committee
in powered to Let the Premes therein
Conjunction with the Committees of
Christs & St Barthos. Hospital}

Bunyard Robt. to be inquired after Locks Gift 302

Bridewell Hospital, Vacancy of Stewd
declared on the Death of Robt Waite}

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