Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th January 1762 - 15th March 1781

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Hollis John to be sayd. after for Frankes Gift581
Hett Sumons Isaac to be made five581
hollis John to be paid 10 Fouches Gift583
Home Rt Thos his Conduct reported390

to be recommanded and not to
be summoned to say Court a Committee in future}

resigns his Staff597
Robt Thomas chiled later of Bridwell602
Roths John to be after for Locks Gift603
to be paid [..] Do608
Hulbard Enousith to beings after for To Gift609
House Henry Sumr Esqr and his Charge611
Kenbhard Elseworth to be paid 50 Fouches Gt. 612
to being after Locks Gt.632
Robt Summons Isaac to being After Locks Gt623
Robt Sumons Isaac to being After for [..] Gt 639
Vamphimson Wm Benjn. to be made free640
Hensford Joseph Esqr lock his Charge642
Barkins Benjr. Esqr nomd a Govr644
Hullard Elizbeth to be paid 10 Lucks Gift551
Kentias Benj took this Charges654
two Jonashop of 50 reported635
Isableshire Isaac to be paid 10 fowkes Gift600
to being after for heard 630
to be paid 16 for do590
Kiptins John Esqr . his enquiry reported716
Lodger Peter Esqr . Do717
Raman William whipt Dipt and turnd out 724
Worster sayes to put out apprentice737
Kant Thomam Esqr . lock sack his Charge753
Berton Hatwell John Esqr .753
Betizer William Sisted Sumeyor757

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