Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th January 1762 - 15th March 1781

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Stons Elizth. to be admitted a Patient in Bethlem4
Stewards for Election Day27
Sculpher John put out Apprentice27
Sharpe Joseph Elected an Artsmaster42
Saunders John made free77
Scragg John put out Apprentice77
Stewards for Election Day90
Smith James an Artsmar. to Attend next Court97
Smith James Reprimanded101
Sparshot Thos. hot to be Continued on Artsmaster101
Sparshot Thos. is Petition Postponed106
Saunders John to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift107
Surry Daniel an Apprentice Conected109
Saunders John to be paid 10s Erc. Fowkes Gift122
Saunders John to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift122
Smith Saml Bennet Petn for Leave to Assign Lease Wid127
Saunders John to be paid 10s Mr. Fowkes Gift128
Simpson Isaac put out Apprentice129
Stewards for Election Day141
Stewards for Election Day 1766157

Saunders John late Appre to Croxford & Tarrant
to be inquired after for Locks Gift

Sanders John late Appre to Dunn to be inquired
after for Mr Locks Gift

Saunders John late Appre to Dunn to be inquired
after for Mr Locks Gift

Saunders John late Appre to Tarnant to be
paid 10 Mr Locks Gift

Stewards for Election Day 1767178

Sanders John late Appre to Dunn to be paid
10 Mr Locks Gift

Surry Daniel To be made Free184

Stray John Lease Ordered to be made to him of
Premises in Wapping instead of Jas. Man by Esqr

Surveyor to Inspect Contract Book Etc190
Serugg James, put out Apprentice193

Scragg John Appre to Heafford Ordered to be
Turned over to George Hutchins

South Nicholas put out Apprentice206
Stewards for Election Day 1768206

Surveyors Report, on the Proposal of the
Bridge Committee

Strettel John, his Petition for a further Term Grusted236
Soper Wm. put out Apprentice238
Shaw Sir John Bart Nominated a Governor238
Surgeon, Vacancy Declared210
Southouse Saml. Esqr . took his Charge246
Studley John Put ut Apptentice247
Stewards for Election Day 1769252
Seawell Saml. Esqr . his Donation Reported252
Strong Samuel Clement Nominated a Governor253
Sullivan Lawrence Esqr . Nominated a Governor253
Seaman Mr RichdDo253
Stratt John Esqr Do253
Sharp Mr. Willm. Nominated a governors 253
Smith Thos. Esqr Do253
Sewell Sir ThosDo254
Sidney Mr. AlexrDo254
Skinner John Esqr Do254
Salt Mr JohnDo254
Speed Mr ThosDo254
Stephenson John Esqr Do254
Sheldon Richd Esqr Do254

Stephenson Henry Esqr Nominted a Govr255
Smith John Esqr Do264
Strong, Clement Saml Esqr took his Charge268
Seamon, Mr. RichdDo268
Sharper, Mr Willmdo268
Sidney, Mr AlexrDo268
Salt, Mr JohnDo268
Speed, Mr ThosDo268
Sculper John made free277
Shelden Richard Esqr took his Charge280
Stephenson Henry Esqr Do280

Stingler Mr Deputy John Nominated a

Smith James put out Apprentice289
Staples Roger Esqr . his Donation Reported290
Smith Thos. Esqr took his Charge290
Steigler Mr Deputy JohnDo290
Stephenson Thos. Elected Barber of Bethlem290
Stewards for Election Day1770300
Sharpe Joseph Artsmaster, Resigns303
Smith Joshua, put out Apprentice309
Stokes Joseph put out Apprentice311

Sculpher John to be inquired after for mr
Fowkes Gift

Skinner John Esqr . took his Charge321
Storer Thos. Esqr Do321
Stotherd Abdy Revd. Mr ThosDo321
Sculpher John to be pd: 10 Mr Fowkes Gift327
Shaw John put out Apprentice330
Satchwell Chas.Do330
Stewards for Election day 1771331
Sanders John Elected an Artsmaster344
Sculpher John to be Reported for Locks Gift346
Doto be pd 10 Locks Gift351
Simpson Isaac Ord to be made free355
Stewards for Election day 1772355
Simpson Isaac to be enquired after for Fo. Gift369
Do to be paid 10 Mr. Fowkes Gift379
Southouse Kynaston Henry his Leg 7 repd. 380
Simpson Isaac to beingd after for Locks Gift388
Do to be paid 10 Mr. Locks Gift392
Stewards for Election Day 1773398
Surveyor Vacancy Declared400
Do Williams Richard elected402
Sandwick John Earl of nomd.a Governor413
Steward Thomas put out Apprentice417
Stewards for Election day 1774417
Smith George to be inquired after for Fowkes Gt.430
Stephenson Sir William his Legacy reported430
Sulivan Laurence Esqr took his Charge431
Sandwick John Earl ofDo435
Stroff John Esqr Do435
Stephenson Sir Wm. his Isaaac reced443

Seddon Mr. George Ordd. to take out a Commissr
of Bankruptcy agt. the Kinleside

Sitwell Wm. Esqr Andr Gent assigns451
Stewards for Election Day 1775470
South Nicholas to be made free503
Stirling Walter Esqr , nomind. a Govr514
Simpson Mr. Samuel her Legacy reported515
Sitwell wm. his Lagacy repd520
Stewards for Election day 1776521
S [..] ing Walter Esqr . took his Charge526
Stong Thomas Esqr nomd a Govr539
Spry Mr. SamuelDo539
Shorson Mr RobertDo540
Stonkense Revd. Dr. Jos do540

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