Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th January 1762 - 15th March 1781

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Edwards John to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift20
Edwards John to be paid 10 Mr Fowkes Gift47
Ednot Charles Elected be Barber of Bethlem48
Edwards John to be Inquired after for Locks Gift76
Edward John to be paid 10 for Jno. Locks Gift89
Ednot Charles Discharged form being Barber of Bethlem109
Elcock Ephram Elected Barber of Bethlem123
Ewer Thomas Esqr . Nominated in Govr253
Ennew Saml Esqr Do254
Easter Mr Deputy Chas. do255
Dotook his Charge268
Evans Wm. put out Apprentice278
Elliot Richard made free289
Ever Thos Esqr took his Charge290
Elliot Richd to be inquired after for Mr Fowkes Gift309
Ellen Francis, made free309
Elliot Richd. to be paid 10 Mr Fowkes Gift311
Doto be Reported for Locks Gift346
Ellen Francis to be Inquired after for Fowkes Gift347
Elliot Richd to be paid 10 Locks Gift351
Ellen Francis to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift352
Do. to be paid 10 for Locks Gift379
East Indian Bonds Order'd to be Sold412
Eyre Sir James knt Nominated a Governor413
Eyre Mr JohnDo539
Esdaile Poter Esqr Do541
Eyre Mr John took his Charge548
Esdaile Peter Esqr Do578
Elston William put out Apprd721
Eyre Mr Baron took his Charge755

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