Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 229 of 43111th September 1755

Continued Thursday 11th. Septr. 1755.

Randle Wm. 10 Fowkes Gift

Mr. Deputy Martindale and Mr. Charles Lowth< no role > Two of the Governers
Reported that in Pursuance of an Order of Court the 6th. day of June 1755
They had made Enquiry and found that William Rundle< no role > who Served his
Apprenticeship in this Hospital to Thomas Kiel< no role > is setup for himself
in his sd. Trade and has the Character of a Diligent & Sober ManIt is
Order'd that the Clerk to pay the sd. William Rundle Ten pounds out
of Mr. Fowkes Gift.

Hamersley Hugh & Eliza Mem. for
additional Term to their Lease
at Char Cross. (no.1) resd.

Upon Reading the Memorial of Hugh< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. and Eliza. Hamersley< no role > Setting forth
That the Memorilists are Tenants of 5 Houses at Charing Cross under a Leases
from the Governors dated 16 Decr. 1738 for 21 Years from Laday 1740 at 80 P said
Rent Which Term there are 6 years to came from 5th. April 1755That said
Houses were many years Since Exected by the Ancestors of the Memlist at a great
Origt. Expence & Since Maintained at Expences Scarce less considerable, Nor
have the Memties yet recovered the Expences of their last Removal & the great
Repairs made in Consequence thereof as they are ready to make Appear by proper Vouchers
The Leased premes consists of 5 Houses of which 3 only are fronting to the
Publick street, & the other 2 are Situate in a Back Court without a Thorough fore
for wch the Memlist. pay an Annual Ground rent of 16 each, one with the other
Both the Back houses are Occupyed by a Publican who has been always
constrained to take them both together as the only means of Setting them & now
the Publican in Threatned with the Loss of his Lyceme as the Justices of
Westmr. have for some time past shown great reluctance to Lycome Publick
Houses Situate in Courts without a Thorough fare & the loss of the Lycome
will greatly endanger the future Letting of these Houses & receder them an
Useless burthen to the ProprietorThe Total Annual Rents of all the
5 Houses when let to Solvent Tenants (wch they Setain are) amount to no
more than 200 P Ann one of which lately let at 50 P Ann. is now
untenantedOf this 200 P Accd the Hospital constantly receives its
Aunnal Rent of 80 And the Laced Tax is Assessed to the full Extent upon
the remaining 120 with Occasional Reassessments, Besides wch the
Memorialists have for their own Security forced it Necessary to take the
Insurance against Fire upon themselves, And there are frequent calls
for Severn Tax & Scowering of the Sewers (as there is a Main Sewer which
runs through the Center of the Houses) & other OutgoingsTill within
these 20 years the Under tenants of the 3 front Houses had the Opportunity of
making their Rents by Letting their best Appartments to Members of Parliament
other Lodgers who cou'd afford to pay for them, But by the great Increase of
the new buildings particularly the Extensive Erections Still Speading in
Westmr. in the very Avennes & Approaches to the Houses of Parliament & the
Modern Elegancys & Improvements introduced into the fitting up of the New
built Houses Opposed to the very Ordinary fitting up of the Memoialist Houses
in wch there are many rooms without Wainscott & more without the comon
Ornament of Marble Chinney Peices (such Ornaments & Wainscot as there are
having been put up by the Memorialist within these 20 years past) The
Lodgers are removed to more Comodions Habitations by wch the Undertente.
as he is less able to pay, will expect to reduce his rent And at the same
time required his Laced Lord at a great Expence to make his Shop as
fine as his Neighboun or he will be Decoyed from him by the
Modern Temptation of a Gay Shop & fittings up.



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