Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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Image 435 of 52413th April 1749

Continued Thursday the 13th April 1749

Pice Richd. Porter a
Gratuitty of 25 Ordered him}

A Motion being made that in Regard to the extraordinary Diligence of Mr.
Richard Pice< no role > the Porter of this Hospital a Gratuity be given him for his good
Services for the time past since the Court gate him a Gratuity and the Sum of
Twenty five pounds being now Proposed and the Question thereupon putIt
is Ordered Unanimously that the Clerk do pay to the said Richard Pice< no role >
Twenty five pounds as a Gratutity for his said Services

Packer Benjn< no role > . Elected
an Artsmaster}

At this Court the humble Petition of Benjamin Packer< no role > Citizen & Weaver but
by Trade a Tailer was read Setting forthThat the Petitioner served his Apprentices p
in this Hospital to Mr. John Word< no role > late one of the Artsmaster s and has been a Freeman
of this City upwards of Seven years and has been set up in his Trade about five Years
That there being a Vacancy of an Artsmaster in the Room of Mr. Thos. Reay< no role > deced
and the Petr. being ready & willing to take such a Number of Apprentices as the Court
shall think fit and keep his Appartment in Repair with Glazing, Plaistering and
Whiteing at his own Expence as is usually done by the Artsmasters and to Comply
with all Orders of Court & Comittee made & to be made in Relation to Artsmasters
and praying to be Elected an Artsmaster in the Room of the said Mr. Reay And the
question being put that the said Benjamin Packer< no role > being Elected an Artsmaster
of this Hospital he was Nemine Contradicente Elected Artsmaster till the
next Election dayAnd it is Orderd that upon his Delivering a Certificate of
of his settlement to the clerk & produceing a Copy of his Freedom of this City he
be Admitted Accordingly upon giveing Security as is usual & entering into the
usual Covenants with abovenant that the Journey men which he shall employ
shall be such as have Served their Apprentices Rips in this HospitalAnd it
further Ordered that he have such Appartment in this Hospital as the Comittee
of this House shall direct.

Harris Richd< no role > .Appr to
West to be turned over to
Joshua Turner< no role > }

At this Court Richard Harris< no role > who by Indre dated the 29th. day of May 1746 was
bound Apprentice to Obediah West< no role > Velvet Weaver one of the Artsmaster s of this
Hospital for Seven Years desired to be turned over to Joshua Turner< no role > Citizen and
Weaver of London for the remainder of the sd. Term and the sd. Obediah West< no role > & the Father of
the said Apprentice being present & Consenting thereto It is Ordered That the said
Richard Harris< no role > be turned over to the said Joshua Turner< no role > (who being also present in
Court) Agreed to take him Accordingly.

Govrsreced Charge

At this Court the Charge was read to John Chelwell< no role > Esqr Edward Popham< no role >
Esqr & Captain Charles Raymond< no role > as Governors of these Hospitalls.


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