Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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Image 434 of 52413th April 1749

Continued Thursday 13th. April 1749

Stewards incrusse 1749.

At this Court the Governors hereafter named Vizt.

Mr. Thos. Woodward< no role > Hildebrand Alington< no role > Esqr John Morrison< no role > Esqr
Benjamin House< no role > Esqr Mr Saml Sedgwicke< no role > Mr. Charles Tomley< no role >
Mr. John Wayland< no role > Dr Edwd. Hody< no role > Chester More Hall< no role > Esqr
Henry Baitntbridge Buckeridge< no role > Esqr . Mr. Robert White< no role > Mr Wm. Hart< no role >

were chosen Stewards for the next Election Day of these Hospitals who are
desired to provide a Dinner at their bien Venue for the President Treas and
Governors to Dine together According to Acctient Custom And in Case any of the
Stewards Elected decline or refuses the same the Clerk is to Supply the number
in Course.


At this Court the Persons hereunder named were Ordered to be made free of
this City haveing Served their Apprentices Ayes in this Hospital to the
Artsmasters hereunder written

Nominated by

WilsonThomas< no role > toJohn Geldart< no role >
BurberowPaul< no role > toSutton Sharpe< no role >


At this Court the following poor boys were ordered to be put out Apprentices
at the Nomination of the Governors herein after named Vizt.
Nominated by

TempestJohn< no role > toMr. Whitehouse
GroveFrancis< no role > toMr. Nathl. Nash< no role >
HowardEdward< no role > toJohn Lock< no role > Esqr .

KitteredgeJosiah< no role > Petn.
to at additional Appartmt.
adjourned to next Court}

Upon Reading The humble Petition of Josiah Kitteredge< no role > one of the Artsmaster s
Setting forthThat this business being in creased to having a Mather who has left of the
same Trade & being Streighton'd for Room having but one Chamber in his whole Appartment
Prays the Appratment that is ever his & will Keep 8 Apprentices at a time & more if
business permit & will fit it up at his own Charge That there is one in the House who had
two Appartments and both had a Ground flen & he has not binary Apprentices as the
Petitioner That he has 4 Journeymen but wou'd take Apprentices in their Renn if he
had Conou [..] ney It is Ordered that the Cons thereof be Adjourned to next
CourtAnd that in the mean time it be Published in the Daily Adverticer That if
any Shoemaker a Freeman of a good Character is inclined to have an Appartment &
Shop now Varant in this Hospital may inquire of the Steward for Particulars

BrematsMr. President
respected the Ballance 1st

The Right Worshipfull the Resident Reported to this Court the Ballance of the
Accounts of these Hospitals to Christmass last which were Audited the 23d of March last
the Ballance of Bridewell being 4868.5 8 & Bethlem & the Incurable 11213 3 4

HeathcoteGeorge< no role > Esqr .
Elected or Govr.}

Whereas George Heathcote< no role > . Esqr . after having filled the Several Publick stations of
Alderman Sheriff, Lord Mayor, & one of the Representative of this City in Parliament, with
Exemplary Virtue, and Kenor has Resigned His Office of Alderman, and was not Elected a Governors
of these Hospitals before He was Alderman,Now This Court to shew their Particular Regard
to, and Acknowledgment of His Extraordinary Merit and Services, Doth Unanimously Elect the said
Geogre Heathcote< no role > Esqr to be one of the Governors of these Hospitals and Order That Mr. Taylor
do Acquaint him therewith by a Letter to Him at Bath.


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